Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene

A look behind the scenes at Thailand’s budding cannabis industry

PHOTO: Phuket High

Since cannabis got the green light in Thailand back in June 2022, the industry has experienced explosive growth. Among the leading contributors to this development is Phuket High, a prominent cannabis dispensary located in Phuket. The establishment maintains an impressive selection of cannabis products, all cultivated from their very own indoor and outdoor farms. Let’s explore the process through which Phuket High grows and delivers cannabis in Thailand and how it offers entrepreneurial potential for Thai people.

The challenges of growing Cannabis in Phuket

Taking around three months to cultivate until they’re ready to be smoked, cannabis plants require expert care. Suraksak (Korn), one of the owners of Phuket High, shared that each grower has their own secrets, techniques, and methods of growing.

Phuket High uses coconut husks in their outdoor cultivation, which offers multiple benefits, including retaining the required moisture levels for the plants. They also have an indoor facility where they clone cannabis plants. These clones will then be used to build the mother plant, and they will get more clones from them. After the cloning, the plants will go through a flowering process.

But aside from expert care, Korn explains that growing cannabis in tropical Phuket isn’t without its challenges. Humidity control and pest management prove to be quite the ordeals in their greenhouse cultivation, with the sweltering heat reaching 40 to 45 degrees Celsius every day. The plants fight a constant battle against the stifling temperatures.

Indoor cultivation is no easier or cheaper. With air conditioning and intricate water systems, the cost to grow cannabis plants indoors is higher than outdoors. However, Korn mentions that there are benefits to challenging methods, namely creating jobs for locals and a greater sense of community.

Security measures in place

Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Phuket High

Cannabis is a big business in Thailand, and it’s worth millions. And Phuket High invests a lot of money in their business. With such high stakes, security measures are in place to protect their crops. The company employs full-time security, and there are more than 20 camera points installed. The police also have a special checkpoint at the farm to ensure that the facility is secure. Moreover, Phuket High also uses numerous tools to maintain security at their indoor cultivation facility, such as cloud fingerprint scanners.

Pioneering Opportunity for Thai Entrepreneurs

Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Phuket High

Korn’s vision for Phuket High transcends profits; he wishes to empower Thai people, using the cannabis industry as a platform to create entrepreneurial opportunities. Through Phuket High, Korn hopes to see a generation of Thai people prosper and enjoy better lives from the rapidly growing industry.

“I’m trying to represent the locals. It’s about the passion, what I have with cannabis. I want to see this cannabis opportunity go to every Thai person. And then when that moment comes true, you will see many Thai people, the Thai generation like me, they have a better life, and everything will be better,” says Korn.

Moreover, he believes that the government should support and recognise the weed industry as a potential goldmine for employment and wealth creation rather than viewing it as a scourge. He acknowledges that there is a fear that the government may not support the cannabis industry, or worse, they may shut it down.

“I’m afraid that things are going to be changed, like every time,” he says.

Despite these challenges, Korn remains optimistic. He points out that there are already many businesses investing in the cannabis industry in Thailand, and the potential for growth is huge.

Phuket High only offers quality products

Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Phuket High

Phuket High is emblematic of a new breed of Thai cannabis dispensaries determined to offer the finest quality weeds to their customers. With a range of THC to CBD options, Phuket High is your one-stop shop for all your ganja essentials, from relaxing balms to uplifting buds. Their shop offers a variety of cannabis products, including pre-rolls, edibles, and wellness products, that cater to different preferences and needs. Their diverse range of products includes unconventional strains like Tom Yum Kush and Tropical Cake, both of which showcase their Thai roots. And for those looking for a place to relax and enjoy their products, the Bunker Cafe next door provides a cosy spot to unwind.

From seed to sale – the wholesale market for cannabis

Behind the retail shops and dispensaries are a thriving wholesale market and Phuket High’s position is not just in retail. In addition to serving individual customers, they’ve also tapped into the booming wholesale market in Phuket. In fact, Phuket High has been supplying cannabis to over 25 shops in Phuket for the past six months, showcasing their expertise in both retail and wholesale. Their commitment to delivering premium cannabis products has made them a trusted supplier for many shops in the region, and their dedication to quality shows no signs of waning.

By expanding their reach into the wholesale market, Phuket High has solidified their position as a major player in the cannabis industry. Their ability to cater to both individual customers and cannabis shops is a testament to their versatility and expertise in the field.

Come by and say hi

Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Phuket High

Phuket High is leading the way in the cannabis scene in Thailand with their innovative approach and love for all things ganja. They stand committed to providing the highest-quality products for retail and wholesale customers, with the promise of a warm, welcoming environment at each of their locations in Phuket.

Make sure to swing by their stores in Rawai (Nai Harn), Rawai Seafood Market, Koh Tao, Bang Tao, and Kata to check out their latest strains and products. For even more benefits, check out their website HERE and join the Phuket High Club to get early access to their offerings and learn more about what they have in store.

Phuket High: One of the main player in Phuket’s blooming cannabis scene | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Phuket High

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