Discover the legends of Thailand’s spooky ghosts

Ghosts have been a part of folklore and mythology for centuries, and Southeast Asia is no exception. In Thailand, a variety of supernatural beings are believed to exist, from mischievous pranksters to vengeful spirits. Among them are Phi Kong Khao, Krasue, Phi Pop, Phi Ta Khon, and Phi Nang Mai. Each one is unique in appearance and behaviour, with its own stories and legends. They are believed to lurk in the shadows, bring misfortune to those who cross their paths, and protect the forests and mountains of Thailand. These supernatural beings are a part of Thai folklore and serve as a reminder of the power of the spirit realm.

Phi Kong Koi

Discover the legends of Thailand's spooky ghosts | News by Thaiger

Phi Kong Koi is a mischievous spirit who is said to haunt the forests and mountains of Thailand. He is known to be particularly fond of caves, where he will often lurk in the shadows and wait for unsuspecting travellers to pass by. When they do, he likes to play pranks on them. He is known for his loud, cackling laughter and for being a bit of a prankster. He is said to be fond of mischief and prefers to startle and spook people rather than harm them. He is also said to be fond of singing and dancing, often doing so late into the night. He is believed to be a spirit that is both mischievous and protective of the forests and mountains of Thailand. Thailand ghost


The Krasue is a type of spirit found in Southeast Asian folklore, particularly in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. It is said to appear as a woman’s head with long hair and entrails hanging down from her neck. The creature will float through the night sky, and is believed to feed on corpses and sometimes attack sleeping villagers.

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Krasue are thought to be created when a person dies a violent death or commits suicide, with their spirit remaining attached to the head and entrails. It is also believed that this spirit can inhabit a person’s body and possess them, leading to sickness and misfortune.

Krasue is closely associated with the similar spirit, the Phi Pop, which is said to have a similar appearance. Both creatures are feared by villagers, who will often leave offerings of food and prayers to ward off the spirits. The Krasue is also said to be afraid of garlic and holy water.

Phi Pop

Phi Pop is a malevolent spirit said to haunt graveyards and cemeteries, typically taking the form of a giant black cat. He is said to bring misfortune and bad luck to those who cross his path and is thought to be a harbinger of death. It is believed that anyone who encounters Phi Pop will suffer some kind of misfortune, whether it be physical or spiritual in nature. The spirit is also said to have a penchant for tormenting the living and is known to cause disturbances such as strange noises, cold drafts, and other paranormal phenomena. Those who believe in Phi Pop claim that the only way to ward off his ill effects is to offer sacrifices or perform rituals to appease him.

Phi Ta Khon

Discover the legends of Thailand's spooky ghosts | News by Thaiger

Phi Ta Khon is an infamous supernatural spirit in Thai folklore. He is said to be a vengeful spirit, seeking revenge against anyone who has wronged him. He is believed to possess people, and his presence is often marked by loud laughter and howling.

The spirit is usually associated with the city of Suphanburi in Thailand. According to legend, Phi Ta Khon was a powerful hunter who had been cursed by a sorcerer to become a spirit after he had killed the sorcerer’s pet tiger.

Phi Ta Khon is said to haunt the cities of Thailand, especially in the evening. He is said to be particularly fond of festivals and celebrations, where he will often appear in the form of a giant figure wearing a mask and colourful clothing. thailand ghost

It is said that those who encounter Phi Ta Khon will experience some sort of misfortune or bad luck. People have various methods of trying to ward off the spirit, such as burning incense and offering food to appease him.

In recent years, Phi Ta Khon has become a popular figure in Thailand, where he is often celebrated during festivals. The spirit is also featured in many popular Thai films and television shows.

Phi Nang Mai thailand ghost

Phi Nang Mai is believed to be an evil spirit with a tragic origin. According to legend, she was a beautiful young woman who was tragically killed in a river. Her spirit is said to linger in the water, preying on unsuspecting travellers. She is said to appear as an enchanting female figure, luring her victims to their death with her beauty and charm.

In addition to her malevolent presence, she is also said to be responsible for natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and other destructive events. In fact, it is believed that any disaster or misfortune that befalls the people of Thailand may be attributed to the wrath of Phi Nang Mai.

In order to protect themselves from her wrath, the people of Thailand have adopted various rituals and charms to ward off her influence. One such ritual is the offering of food and gifts to appease her spirit. People may also perform blessings and other rituals to try to keep her away.

Though she may be feared, Phi Nang Mai is also thought to have a compassionate side. In some stories, she is said to grant wishes and bestow blessings upon those who show her respect and devotion.

In conclusion, Phi Kong Khao, Krasue, Phi Pop, Phi Ta Khon, and Phi Nang Mai are all spirits from Thai folklore. While they are often feared and respected, they are also seen to have a protective side, looking after the forests and people of Thailand. People have adopted various rituals and charms to ward off the influence of these spirits, such as offering food and gifts, burning incense, and performing blessings. Though they may be feared, these spirits are an important part of Thai culture and are celebrated in various festivals and stories.

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