Snorting urine will not cure sinusitis – official

Thailand's Medical Services Department warns against inhaling your own pee

In an unprecedented move, the Thai Medical Services Department warned the public that sniffing your urine will not cure sinusitis.

You would have thought – that washing your sinuses with pee will not cure Covid-19 (or any variant) or the common cold. Though your sex life might be a different matter.

Urine is a very complex substance chemically. And everyone’s is a little different from everyone else’s. Though a snifter of piss contains many elegantly named substances – creatinine anyone? – determining the exact composition is both difficult and expensive. The composition changes according to gender, age, race, food intake, presence of medication and exercise.

One thing the Medical Services Department knows for sure, however, is that there is no current or credible medical evidence to support a claim that pouring pee up your nose will cure your headache.

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In further revelations, the department went so far as to claim that the procedure could even be harmful! Those who do fall ill should see a qualified medical doctor, though probably not a urologist.

However, yoga master Sam Cohen, 41 years old, of Islington, north London, claims that he’s not had a cold in nearly 20 years because he fills his nostrils with his pee every time he goes to the loo.

The special needs teaching assistant claims it does wonders for his sex life and that it cures him of any illness. A vegan, Cohen drinks his wee – which he calls Auryn, the Celtic word for golden – every single day, and he even carries his special cup with him.

The Medical Services Department asked the public not to share social media reports claiming that dripping urine into the nose will cure sinusitis, describing it as fake news.

Members of the public can get accurate medical information from the Medical Services Department by logging into the department’s website at or by calling 02-590-6000.


Jon Whitman

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