Top 5 go-to car brands in Thailand

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Navigating Thailand’s dynamic car market can feel a bit like a journey without a road map, given the country’s unique mix of city commuters, rural dwellers, and businesses with varying transport needs. Nonetheless, some clear winners have emerged, each offering a range of models that have proven to hit the mark with the locals. So, here are the top five car brands that are driven (quite literally) on Thailand’s roads.


PHOTO: Yaris Ativ via - popular car brands in Thailand
PHOTO: Yaris Ativ via

With the lion’s share of the market, Toyota remains the dominant force in Thailand’s car industry. Yep, this big car brand sweeps up a sizable chunk of the market share.

Toyota has successfully ingratiated itself with the Thai market by offering a fantastic spectrum of models that tick every box, from those watching the pennies to the higher-end luxury lovers. No wonder it’s a particular favourite, blending reliability, affordability, and outstanding after-sales service into one smooth ride.

The grandstanders of Toyota’s Thai fleet, however, are undoubtedly the Vios and Yaris, along with the Fortuner and Hilux. If you’re after a fuel-efficient, pocket-friendly, maintainable sedan or hatchback for the daily commute, the Vios or Yaris has your name on it. More the type to dodge potholes and blaze trails? The durable Fortuner and Hilux models, known for their off-road prowess, are great choices. They have seen love from farmers, contractors, and even the thrill-chasers.

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PHOTO: Isuzu V-Cross 4x4 Magic Eyes via - car brands Thailand
PHOTO: Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 Magic Eyes via

The name Isuzu might evoke images of rugged landscapes and tough terrain, and for good reason. This brand, also originating from Japan, has carved a strong reputation in Thailand for its unbeatable stable of commercial vehicles and reliable pickup trucks, which have become the wheels of choice for many Thai businesses.

Having graced the Thai auto market for a rich span of over five decades, Isuzu is seen as a steady pair of hands on the wheel. It has garnered trust with its range of vehicles that cater to varying needs and market segments – from the commercial expanse to the SUV-loving family man or woman.

Leading the pack in Isuzu’s line-up in Thailand are the D-Max and MU-X. If the call of the wild or the demands of an outdoor profession is calling you, the D-Max pickup truck delivers on durability and off-road mastery. Farmers, contractors, and outdoorsy souls enjoy its brilliant versatility and robust character. More in tune with big family trips and outdoor escapades? The MU-X SUV has become a popular choice with its spacious and comfortable features.


Top 5 go-to car brands in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Honda is one of the car brands that has made its mark in Thailand. It has garnered well-deserved admiration for its variety of models.

Having graced the Thai motoring market for over three decades, Honda has proven itself as a dependable brand that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re seeking sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs or pickup trucks, Honda has you covered.

Foreshadowing the brand’s popularity are the iconic models embedded in their fleet: Civic, City, Jazz, and CR-V. Roaming in urban landscapes, you’ll often see the sleek Civic and City models, both the go-to choices for those seeking a trustworthy, wallet-friendly sedan. Meanwhile, the Jazz hatchback, popular for its roomy interior and fuel efficiency, vies for attention.

For those who prefer a more rugged companion for family escapades or off-the-beaten-path adventures, the Honda CR-V has found quite the fanbase.


Top 5 go-to car brands in Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: New Nissan Leaf via

Nissan is a brand that’s not shy of flexing its muscle in the versatility department. Yet another feather in Japan’s cap, Nissan has straddled the Thai market for over five decades. It offers a range of models that cover assorted segments from sedans to pickups.

Nissan has gained remarkable ground in the hearts of Thai consumers thanks to its dedication to blending trust, reliability, and ahead-of-the-curve technologies. This inventive charm is further complemented by the brand’s fuel-efficient engines. Thus, making them a popular sight across both urban streets and rural byways.

The spotlight falls on the Nissan Navara, Almera, Leaf, and X-Trail as the brand’s most popular models in Thailand. When durability and off-road capabilities are the order of the day, the Navara pickup truck doesn’t disappoint. It’s a popular vehicle among farmers, contractors, and those bitten by the outdoor bug.

For affordability and fuel efficiency within a cosy city setting, the Almera sedan has made its mark. Meanwhile, the X-Trail is a popular choice family-oriented drivers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Thus, making Nissan a brand that caters to every driver’s whim in Thailand.


Top 5 go-to car brands in Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: New Mitsubishi Xpander via

The next on our list of popular car brands in Thailand is Mitsubishi. It has been mingling with Thai roads for over four decades, treating drivers to a diverse catalogue of models. From zippy sedans and compact hatchbacks to SUVs and rough-and-ready pickup trucks, Mitsubishi has it all.

Mitsubishi emerges as a force in Thailand, known for its brilliant blend of low price tags and durability. This heady mix, combined with a history of reliable after-sales service, ensures that Mitsubishi is no fleeting love affair for Thai drivers.

Paving the way for Mitsubishi’s high stakes in the Thai market are the Triton, Pajero Sport, and Attrage. The Triton pickup truck has became the go-to choice among farmers, contractors, and adventure lovers. The truck is revered for its durability and off-road capabilities. If you’re more about family outings or an off-road enthusiast scouting for an SUV, the Pajero Range is tough to beat.

Last but not least, the Mitsubishi Attrage. This sedan ticks all the boxes for those seeking affordability coupled with fuel efficiency. With Mitsubishi’s range having something for everyone, it’s safe to say it has not just entered the popular list. It has entered the hearts of Thai motor enthusiasts.

And honestly, you can’t argue with the classics. Japanese brands continue to lead the pack in Thailand, blending ingenuity, durability, and magnificent after-sales service. But the best part? There’s a car for anyone, no matter what brand you choose whether you’re a city slicker dipping in and out of traffic, an adventurous pathfinder, or even a business looking for the next workhorse.

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