Wearing face masks in Bangkok may soon be dropped

But no date announced yet…. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration acknowledged there is a chance the Thai government will soon drop mask-wearing requirements in some public locations and allow night venues to stay open until 2am.

Some restrictions were lifted at nightlife venues on June 1, well at least allowing them to “officially” stay open until midnight (including bars, karaoke bars, entertainment venues and massage parlours), but any further extensions to opening hours will be based on infection numbers, with the CCSA reviewing the Covid situation every couple of weeks. Today’s report of official Covid infections was only 2,224, a massive drop from the over 28,000 cases registered on April 1. The trend downwards has been steady and stable since the start of April.

CCSA chief, Supoj Malaniyom, revealed that officials are meeting on Friday to debate whether to extend the opening hours of night venues.

“Given the current situation of Covid-19 and good public compliance, to previously approved easing of Covid-19 restrictions, there is a strong possibility more restrictions will be removed.”

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Before the mask requirement can be abolished in Bangkok, the centre must propose to the CCSA that the decree requiring the use of face masks be changed. Yesterday, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that the CCSA is working on loosening more Covid rules.

Bangkok’s newly-elected governor, Chadchart Sittipunt, yesterday says he believes the time is right for people to stop wearing face masks in open areas, during a meeting of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration officials.

An official from the BMA’s medical department insists the mask-wearing mandate must remain in place until Bangkok has fewer than 500 new Covid cases.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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