TAT announces update to compulsory Covid-19 insurance for foreign visitors

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced today an update about compulsory Covid-19 insurance. They say it’s now “conveniently” available online in a one-stop-shop. Up to now the compulsory Covid-19 insurance, a pre-requisite before foreigners can come to Thailand, under any visa, was through selected insurance providers at their own websites. The Thailand Office of Insurance Commission has allowed the review of its policy, making it easier to find and purchase the compulsory insurance.

“Foreign travellers will enjoy the following advantages of purchasing an OIC-endorsed medical insurance policy, which is available online HERE.”

The update provides additional clarity and ease for people looking to travel to Thailand at this time.

“The Tourism Authority of Thailand is pleased to share the latest announcement that foreign visitors will be able to purchase compulsory Covid-19 insurance policy online prior to visiting the Kingdom.”

TAT Governor, Yuthasak Supasorn says the compulsory insurance is part of any package of documents that will need to be completed by foreigners entering Thailand at this time.

“A medical insurance policy with at least US$100,000 coverage or about 3.16 million baht for possible Covid-19 treatment is among the official documents required from foreign visitors planning to visit Thailand.”

“TAT hopes the Covid-19 insurance protection program, under the regulation of the OIC, offers additional peace-of-mind for foreign visitors and hopefully makes it easier for inbound travellers before departing from their country of origin.”

The Thai General Association and the Thai Life Assurance Association, plus 16 leading and non-life insurance companies in Thailand are partnering together with the oversight according to regulations from the OIC to offer the Covid-19 insurance protection program to foreign visitors.

  • The insurance policy has been approved by the Thai government and can be used in the Thai visa application process. Coverage begins immediately upon arrival in Thailand.
  • No need for advance payment or out-of-pocket expenses when admitted at private hospitals nationwide. Insurance coverage does not exceed US$100,000 or about 3.16 million Baht.
  • In the case of death from Covid-19 infection, the insurance company will provide a life insurance benefit of USD $100,000 or about 3.16 million Baht to the beneficiary.
  • The insurance premium cost is reasonable, the process is overseen by the OIC, and purchase can be done efficiently online.
  • Thailand’s public health infrastructure and healthcare facilities,  as well as healthcare professionals are recognised as some of the best in Asia for treating infectious diseases.

Here’s an example of some of the costs for packages that vary from 30 days to 1 year. The premiums range from 1,600-4,800 Baht for 30 days of coverage; from 2,880-8,640 Baht for 60 days; from 3,840 – 12,160 Baht for 90 days; from 7,680 – 23,040 Baht for 120 days, and from 14,400 – 43,200 Baht for one year.

The Thaiger recommends that, before you make any other travel arrangements about a trip to Thailand, including the booking os flights or ASQ hotels, you should make general enquiries at the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in your country.


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  • Is it conveniently more expensive?
    Insurance would be more conveniently bought in the country the visitor departs from.
    But the Thais cannot have that. They want a monopoly on insurance for quarantine subjects.
    Do Thais have to buy insurance in Europe when traveling there. I doubt it.
    John to the keyboard.
    Another worry should also be: Would the Thai insurance pay?
    You cannot sue them if they do not.
    Will they have all sorts of conditions that they could quote not to pay?
    What is the excess? B20000?
    Would they only pay for treatment from a substandard, Thai hospital in say, Rayong?
    Would there be extras the patient has to pay?
    John to the keyboard.

  • When we have already insurance in our country covering 100.000 USD incl. Covit 19. Do we still be forced to buy another Thai insurance for the same things??

    • Yeah, I'm really curious about this to. I already have a medical insurance that covers covid, even when I'm on holiday.

      • Unless your insurance company will specifically state on paper that you are covered for $100,000 US, which I doubt they will, you have to buy another policy.

  • Up to 43,000 baht for one year's coverage of 3.2 million baht, or 75 baht per thousand (0.75%).

    ... specifically excluding any treatment in an ICU (looking at the coverage offered) ...

    ... and, checking the website, the cost varies depending not on age or pre-existing conditions, as you might expect, but solely on "country of origin" (presumably where you're flying from rather than nationality) so those on flights from the UK, for example, pay nearly double those coming from Australia or China ... even though all arrivals will have been identically tested and quarantined on arrival.

    That's a little strange ...

  • Yet its still a rip off. My own private travel insurance covers me for Covid 19 and costs a fraction of this.

  • Another scam !
    It is illegal to be covered by more than one ins. policy for the same given risk (ie Covid)
    All health insurances in developed countries cover this risk fully.
    Another tricky dishonest way for this corrupt government to milk foreign tourists
    Disgusting !!!!!!
    In any case we'll not set foot in this rotten country shortly.

  • The prices are completely rip off. There are insurances on the market even in LOS where you pay 80-100k thb for a family of 4 which is valid worldwide excluding the U.S. with a higher coverage than required by TAT and they include covid-19 but surely they are NOT approved. Nothing else than another try to scam tourists out of their money.

  • goodbye Thailand, enjoy becoming south China, next year you can stay in Chinese Hotels, chinese Bars, chinese restaurants... Big sellout like Cambodia. No more dirty farangs.

  • Interesting to also note that the insurance only covers treatment at private hospitals, not at government ones.

    • Yes.

      Only Covid, specifically excluding any ICU charges, and only in a "standard single" room at a private hospital (not government).

      Costs vary depending on "origin" (presumably port of origin), not on age or any pre-existing conditions, despite identical quarantine on arrival and tests.

    • Apparently only for covid-19 and in the basic sense. So look to additional cost above that. Plus you'll have to get your own insurance for everything else.

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