Half a million vaccine doses set aside for return of migrant workers


The Thai government has set aside up to half a million Covid-19 vaccine doses as it prepares for the return of much-needed migrant workers. The move comes following confirmation from Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin that Thailand will sign MoUs with neighbouring countries to allow workers to enter through legal channels. Officials have vowed to crack down on people smugglers and illegal job brokers in a bid to reduce the number of migrants crossing into the kingdom illegally.

The Bangkok Post reports that businesses in Thailand are experiencing problems with labour shortages, particularly in construction, food, and rubber manufacturing. The government has responded by resuming MoUs with Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos, paving the way for workers to return from next month. Suchart says that migrant workers will be subject to Covid-19 testing and mandatory 14-day quarantine, during which they will be vaccinated.

“We have prepared 400,000 to 500,000 doses to inoculate migrant workers.”

According to the labour ministry, Thailand has an immediate need for around 420,000 workers. By working with the governments of neighbouring countries, Suchart is confident of putting a significant dent in people smuggling operations. The Bangkok Post reports that last month, nearly 11,000 people were arrested for their involvement in people trafficking, compared to just 1,456 during the same period last year. The arrests follow Thailand’s re-opening to international tourism, which has prompted migrant workers to seek employment in the kingdom.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

Half a million vaccine doses set aside for return of migrant workers | News by Thaiger

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