Girl recovering well after Thailand’s first case of “severe side-effects” from Pfizer vaccine

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A 12 year old girl is recovering well after experiencing severe side-effects to the Pfizer vaccine, the first case of its kind in Thailand. Thai PBS World reports that her case is being submitted to medical experts for analysis. It’s reported the girl is underdeveloped for her age and has curvature of the spine and an abnormal body structure, which medics believe may have affected her lungs.

The girl, who lives in the western province of Ratchaburi, developed a cough, fatigue, and chest pain 6 days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. On October 25, she was admitted to Ratchaburi provincial hospital, where she was given high-flow oxygen therapy and antibiotics. The following day, she was transferred to the Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health in Bangkok.

According to the Thai PBS World report, checks on the child’s heart showed normal function, with no inflammation. However, she was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, with the institute saying the curvature of her spine could have affected her lungs. She was treated in an ICU ward, given a blood clotting drug, and placed on a ventilator, which has since been replaced with high-flow oxygen.

By October 29, the blood circulation in her lungs had improved and the clots had nearly totally dissolved. She was moved out of ICU on November 1 and it’s understood she can now eat by herself.

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While a medical panel investigate what could have caused the blood clots, Dr Chakkarat Pittayawonganon from the Division of Epidemiology at the Disease Control Department has reassured the public that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is safe. He says that out of over 2 million students who’ve received the vaccine, only a handful of adverse reactions have been reported.

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SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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