Checkpoint-tech introduced at the Phuket road entry point


Today 10 million baht was donated to the Tha Chatchai checkpoint (at the northern road entry on the island) for a new project called “Phuket Smart Check Point”. The project is aimed to support the islands’ reopening measures and help conduct screenings for high-risk groups.

Not only will the project be used for Covid-19-related issues but the project will also include scanning for suspect vehicles involved in crimes.

The new hi-tech checkpoint will add a new layer of privacy intrusion and complexity when travellers merely want to cross over Sarasin Bridge.

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Checkpoint-tech introduced at the Phuket road entry point | News by Thaiger

The Phuket Smart Check Point will have 5 major objectives…

1. Help increase the efficiency of screening people and to reduce traffic congestion at the checkpoint

2. To increase the convenience for travellers, by registering personal information before entering Phuket via the website or application. If you have registered you will be allowed free travel in and out without any restrictions. (Registration points will be located before the entrance of the Tha Chatchai Checkpoint, for those who didn’t register in advance.)

3. Collection of information and data about travellers coming to the island.

4. An application that can be used as a tracking device allowing authorities to see where your current location is in the province.

5. By providing personal databases with the Department of Provincial Administration will allow authorities to prevent and suppress illegal activities.

Checkpoint-tech introduced at the Phuket road entry point | News by Thaiger

The private sector, together with the Phuket Police Authorities, have jointly funded the Smart Check Point.

General Roongroj says…

“The Phuket Smart Check Point system will help build confidence among people that the screening system and tracking system, preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus and reduce the screening time down to just 15 seconds per person.”

“There is also a temperature measurement system with a facial recognition detection system connected with the public health database in the case of a traveller has contracted the Covid-19 virus, the officers will be alerted at the checkpoints along with National Emergency Notification Center staff. This is in order to be able to coordinate the relevant parts immediately.”

“They newly Smart Checkp Point also linking with the arrest warrant database to reveal anyone involved in crimes. This includes suspicious vehicles, if detected a notification will be sent to a nearby police officer to proceed immediately.”

“This will eventually lead to Phuket being one of the safest tourist destinations in Thailand.”

The Thaiger predicts there will be massive push-back on all this identification, tracking and tracing technology and, far from providing “peace of mind”, will more likely be a deterrent for people to travel to the island.

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SOURCE: Phuket Hot News | Mgronline

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