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Phuket fishing crew rescued after almost one month at sea

A Phuket fishing crew survived for nearly one month at sea after their boat, the Soi Sakul Petch, suffered engine failure a week after it departed from the island in southern Thailand on January 19.

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) launched a huge search operation after losing contact with the boat, combining marine and air searches, and reached out to authorities in Malaysia and Indonesia in case the boat has entered their territorial waters.

Commander of the Third Area Command, Vice Admiral Apakorn Yukongkaew, ordered a plane to patrol the an area after radio contact was made with the boat and the navy eventually found the missing boat.

The navy sent out a helicopter to provide initial assistance to the four crew members, two Thais and two Burmese, who were all safe and brought the crew members to shore at Rassada Pier via speedboat.

The boat Soi Sakul Petch suffered engine failure, causing it to drift out to sea.


Thailand’s K9 dogs wear safety boots to search for victims in Turkey earthquake

As rescuers in Turkey continue to find miracle survivors beneath the rubble a week after the country’s worst earthquake in modern history, K9 dogs from Thailand are assisting in the search for victims.

Thailand’s Environmental and Social Foundation posted photos of the police dogs hard at work on Facebook yesterday

This morning, the page updated that two K9s, Sierra and Sahara, are going on a targeted mission today in an area where a child’s cry was heard from beneath the rubble last night.

Sierra and Sahara started their mission in the city of Antakya on Sunday, searching continuously for eight hours.

The dogs did not find any survivors but did find one body on Sunday. To track the K9’s mission, follow updates from both the Environmental and Social Foundation as well as the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM).


‘No roses on Valentine’s Day!’ Bangkok election commission advises candidates

It turns out roses on Valentine’s Day aren’t a good idea for everyone.

The director of the Election Commission’s Bangkok branch yesterday advised candidates in the upcoming general election on May 7 not to hand out roses on Valentine’s Day. The director, kh. Samran, said that roses handed out on such special occasions could be considered by authorities as a gift with commercial value and in violation of election laws for MPs.

Electoral contestants are forbidden by law from distributing items of commercial value to anyone during the 180 days preceding the Members of Parliament election, as it may be deemed an unfair advantage over other candidates.

Election corruption is a persistent issue in Thailand, despite efforts to address it. Some of the most common forms of election corruption include vote buying, bribery, and the abuse of power by incumbent politicians. The issue of election corruption in Thailand has serious implications for the country’s democratic processes.


Mystery surrounding monkeys disappearing from temple

A monkey mystery has been forming in the northeast province of Loei, complete with unexplained clandestine g-men. Tham Pha Mak Ho Temple was a popular hangout for hundreds of monkeys, but they have been disappearing in big numbers recently.

An investigation has been launched following the mysterious disappearance of hundreds of macaque monkeys from Temple. The district chief officer ordered the investigation after complaints were made by visitors who claimed that they had watched the number of monkeys in the temple drop from thousands to hundreds.

Adding to the enigmatic nature of the case, a resident reported that, last December, men claiming to be forest officials showed up at the monkey temple. They arrived with tranquilliser guns, saying they came to capture and relocate some of the monkeys.

Officials are now launching a probe to figure out where these monkeys went and who took them. They are investigating the possibility that the monkeys were taken and exported.

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