teeth removed

  • China News

    Breaking news: Anchor keeps composure as false tooth falls out on live TV

    An unexpected incident occurred during a live television broadcast when a female news anchor’s supposed false tooth fell out while she was speaking. The incident took place on November 4, on the 24-hour news channel CCTV13 of China Central Television. The professional manner in which she handled the awkward situation has drawn widespread praise online. The anchor, known for her…

  • Thailand News

    Thai man dies after hospital removes 12 teeth, family demands answers

    A heartbroken Thai daughter has revealed details of her 64 year old father’s tragic death following the removal of 12 teeth. The removal led to uncontrolled bleeding at Singburi Hospital, Khaosod reported. At Wat Sadao Temple in Bang Rachan district of Singburi province, where the body of Som Sak Khum Khrong was taken for his funeral, representatives from the Singburi…