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  • Thailand News

    Vice versus virtue: Cyber police seize naughty knick-knacks

    In a significant crackdown on illegal pharmaceuticals and sex toys, Thai Cyber Police arrested a 43 year old vendor, seizing a large haul of contraband. This operation took place today at a second-hand car tent in Yala province following an undercover purchase that led to the discovery of the storage location. The directive for the operation came from the head…

  • World News

    Bottoms up: Oversized sex toy lands man in hospital

    A medical emergency unfolded at a hospital in Kamao, southern Vietnam, where a 23 year old man required urgent medical attention after an oversized sex toy became lodged in his bottom. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, March 26, necessitated professional medical intervention to remove the 20-centimetre-long dildo safely. The mishap highlights the potential risks associated with the use of sex…