Phayao province

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    Froggy forecast: Rain brings ‘eung pao’ craze, hopping sales in Phayao

    The onset of rain in Phayao province sparked a flurry of activity as the local delicacy, eung pao, better known as balloon frog, became available for a limited time, leading to bustling markets and a significant boost in income for local villagers. Selling for as much as 600 baht per kilogramme, these creatures are a source of culinary delight and…

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    Plans for new airport in northern Thailand set to take off

    Plans are underway for a new airport construction in Phayao, a province in northern Thailand. The project, expected to cost approximately 2 billion baht, is part of a broader initiative to transform Phayao into a primary tourist destination. Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, along with his delegates, yesterday, March 18, scouted potential sites within the regions of tambon Don Si…

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    Thai police seize 10 million meth pills worth 300 million baht

    A major drug trafficking operation was thwarted when Thai police in Thailand’s Region 1 arrested two suspects for smuggling an estimated 10 million methamphetamine pills, with a market value of around 300 million baht. The illicit haul was ingeniously concealed within a cement truck’s drum, highlighting the lengths to which drug syndicates will go to transport their contraband. The arrests…