• Thailand News

    Tragic death of camping enthusiast in modified vehicle sparks police investigation

    A tragic incident unfolded in the town of Buriram, where a camping enthusiast was found dead in his modified vehicle. The 57 year old camping enthusiast, known as Warayuth, was discovered by a friend after he spent the night camping on private land. The cause of death remains unknown and police are investigating. Upon arrival at the scene, police found…

  • World News

    Reckless family camping on dangerous roads sparks online outcry from Vietnamese

    Family camping has become a popular activity due to its potential for bonding, conversation, dining, and immersion in nature. However, certain behaviours have sparked criticism, such as unsafe parking on highways or steep mountain roads to set up camp, disregarding the risk of passing vehicles. A recent incident shared on Vietnamese social media showcased a carefree family parking their car…

  • Travel

    5 glamping hotels in Thailand for a luxurious night under the stars

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliant idea that is glamping. By combining the beautiful allure of the natural world with the comforts of luxury living, it has become the perfect option for a unique outdoor getaway. If you’re someone who loves the feel of lush grass under your feet and waking up to a picturesque sunrise from your…