• Environment

    Patong official denies wastewater to blame for macro algae bloom along beachfront

    A Patong official is denying that wastewater flowing into the beach’s bay is causing a large influx of algae, leading to mass amounts of red sea urchins being stranded on the shore. Nattawut Thepthon, Chief of the Patong Municipality Sanitary Works Division told The Phuket News that the appearance of sea urchins is a natural phenomenon. But the chief of…

  • Eastern Thailand

    Be a private island castaway on Koh Munnork, Thailand | VIDEO

    Stranded on your very own private island in Thailand. Well, not quite stranded. Chris takes us on a tour of the relatively tiny Koh Munnork (Munnork Island), off the coast of Rayong in east Thailand. The prices for a stay on the private island vary and usually start around 10,000 baht a night but there’s always promotions on and, depending…

  • Tourism

    Thailand’s most exclusive Beach Club | BaBa Beach Club Hua Hin | VIDEO

    Nothing speaks more ‘private’ and ‘vacation’ than enjoying the beachfront view with a balcony pool and luxurious room. Follow Chris, as he (along with his family) takes you on a private get away in Hua Hin, one of Thailand’s most popular beach destinations on the Gulf of Thailand coast, for both tourists and locals. *our vlogger’s stay at the BaBa…

  • Tourism

    Day trip to Bangkok’s closest island – Koh Si Chang | VIDEO

    Ko Si Chang (or Koh Sichang) is a district of Chon Buri Province, Thailand. It consists of the island of Ko Si Chang and its adjoining islands. Ko Si Chang is in the Gulf of Thailand, 12 kilometres off the shore of the Si Racha District coastline. It’s the closest island to Bangkok and a popular weekend away for Bangkokians.…

  • Phuket

    What can you cook up from a 7-11? l Chef Kai Kauder | VIDEO

    What can a great chef create with ingredients ONLY from a 7/11? The Thaiger caught up with some amazing local chefs to see what they could put together after 5 minutes in a convenient store with 1,000 baht budget. Not only did they come up with some surprising ideas, they tasted DELICIOUS! Join Tim Newton as he learns more about…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    World Tourism hotspots re-opening – success or failure? | VIDEO

    The world of tourism has been turned upside down, not just in Thailand but around the world. Globally, it’s certainly the hardest hit industry from the coronavirus pandemic, shutting down hotels, tour companies, grounding aeroplanes and putting millions out of work. Before we look at the latest situation, and predictions for Thailand, let’s take a quick tour of some of…

  • Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Principal pulls out gun, rare orange pearl | February 5

    AstraZeneca says it will send 150,000 doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to Thailand from a plant in Asia, as a result of an EU ruling that restricts exports of the vaccine to countries outside the bloc. The doses had been due to come from Italy. Thailand’s Health Minister says officials have received a letter from the pharmaceutical giant that explains…

  • Economy

    Pattaya Beach, fly over the pristine but horrifyingly empty beaches | VIDEO

    The Thailand Discovery YouTube channel has captured an empty Pattaya beach front for the first month of 2021. The first month of any year would usually be one of the busiest months of the year and the beaches should be heaving with tourists in the post Christmas/New Year break and the lead up to the Chinese New Year travel burst.…

  • Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Survey shows a third of tourism businesses are broke or shut down | January 25

    For those who need to extend their tourist visa, the Thai Immigration Bureau is asking that applicants make an appointment online to reserve their spot. The bureau says the online appointments will help with preventing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing overcrowding and making sure people abide by social distancing practices. And you thought it was about increasing efficiency. Applicants…

  • Thailand

    Week in review – the best of Thailand News Today | VIDEO

    Click to watch HERE….. Thailand News Today covers five days a week. Now we have a weekend edition which goes over the biggest, or best stories from the week. Out every Saturday afternoon, catch up with Jett and Tim’s major Thai news stories. Welcome to the Thailand News Today Weekend Edition. Click to watch HERE…..

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Can Phuket survive? Interview with Bill Barnett | VIDEO

    Interview with Bill Barnett from c9Hotelworks. Phuket has now been hit with a 3rd major crisis, each one more profound than the long-term effects from the 2004 tsunami. Now the island has new restrictions imposed on arrivals on the southern island, imposed by the Phuket Provincial Authority.

  • Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Emergency Decree, Protesters shot, Baht boost temporary | Nov 18

    There’s a link to the final story underneath the video on YouTube. Here we go for Thai PM extends emergency decree to January next year. The government will extend a nationwide emergency decree until at least January 15 next year. The PM has cited the need to prevent a resurgence in coronavirus infections during the peak New Year’s travel period.…

  • Protests

    52 year old Russian head-butted by Thai protest leader in Pattaya

    A small protest gathering in Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach last night turned ugly when one of the protest leaders targeted and assaulted a 52 year old Russian expat who was watching on with his 10 year old daughter and Thai wife. The tall Thai man in the floral shirt, named as Narathiwat “Kane” Khamma, became agitated and started yelling obscenities at…

  • Krabi

    Krabi beach stray dogs attack 4 year old boy

    A 4 year old boy was attacked on Klong Hang beach, Ao Nang, in Krabi by a pack of stray dogs. The young boy, Attachai, was with his mother, brothers and sisters, playing on the popular beach at the front of a hotel yesterday morning. A pack of 4 local stray dogs were lurking nearby. 2 of them ran at…

  • Pattaya

    Pattaya’s Beach Road to add an extra lane, part of multi-million baht renovation plan

    In a multi-million baht plan to make-over Pattaya’s beach infrastructure, another lane of traffic will be added to the Beach Road to allow more parking. The plan for the extra lane is a new idea in the 160 to 170 million baht renovation project aimed at attracting more visitors and improving the general amenity of the popular beach walk. The…

  • Phuket

    Phuket beach to ban pet dogs, but strays are okay

    Don’t bring your dog to Phuket’s Nai Harn Beach. Stray dogs are fine to keep roaming, but if a new ban is passed, dog owners will face an up to 2,000 baht fine if they bring their pet woofer. The new rules comes after a visitor at the beach was attacked by 2 dogs an owner allowed to run around…

  • Phuket

    Truck goes for a swim at Phuket beach – VIDEO

    Visitors to Phuket’s Yanui Beach on the island’s southwest coast were surprised to see a pickup truck roll across the beach and into the sea yesterday. Ironically, the black pickup came to a stop in the “no swimming” zone marked by a red flag, indicating that it’s is dangerous to enter the water at that part of the beach. The…

  • Crime

    Early morning stabbing on Pattaya beach, victim claims “for no reason”

    A man was found stabbed on Pattaya Beach this morning by passersby on the beach road in front of the Royal Garden at 5:30am. The victim, 36 year old Athapol Tokrisana, reportedly shouted for help and was discovered with a knife protruding from his buttocks. Police, reporters, and rescue workers were called to the scene. Athapol was not entirely cooperative…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Beach in Chon Buri temporarily closed again due to overcrowding

    Officials in the eastern province of Chon Buri have had to temporarily close the road leading to Bangsaen beach yesterday after significant overcrowding raised safety concerns. Those still trying to get to the popular beach were left disappointed during Sunday morning and early afternoon. As nearby car parks and other areas filled up with visiting vehicles, traffic police made the…

  • Pattaya

    Pattaya curfew breaker drowns

    A 41 year old Thai man in Pattaya has drowned, apparently attempting to avoid arrest for breaking Thailand’s national curfew. He was pronounced dead after being found by local fishermen floating off the shore of Pattaya Beach yesterday morning. Pattaya City Police were notified of the incident near the Bali Hai Pier around noon. Police, emergency responders and reporters arrived…

  • Environment

    Phi Phi’s Maya Bay won’t reopen until fully rehabilitated

    Maya Bay, Krabi’s main tourist attraction since it was featured in the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach’, will remain closed as natural rehabilitation of the beach and bay continues, after vast areas of coral were destroyed by excess tourism and boat traffic. Indefinitely. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment says that in future boats will not be allowed…

  • Environment

    200 baby turtles born at beach in front of Banyan Tree Samui

    The birth of more than 200 green turtles has brought some much-needed joy to staff at one of Thailand’s top hotels on Koh Samui. Between April 4 and 24, three nests hatched on the secluded beach at Banyan Tree Samui resort, and a total of around 200 baby turtles emerged under the watchful gaze of the hotel’s resident marine biologist,…