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    Abused temple dog rescued by Thai gold heir finds care

    A formerly abused temple dog has found a new lease on life after being adopted by the heir to a prominent gold shop empire. The dog, once blind due to mistreatment by a temple abbot, now enjoys the comforts of a loving home, complete with personal caretakers. The dog’s plight came to light when the abbot’s actions led to its…

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    Young mother in Thailand pleads for action against abusive husband

    A case of domestic abuse that resulted in severe injuries came to light when a young mother filed a complaint against her drug-addicted husband. Watanya Inju had only given birth two weeks ago and had reported the abuse to the police ten times previously but was told it was a family matter. The 25 year old woman had been in a…

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    Abused Thai elephant in Sri Lanka set to be rescued

    The Department of National Parks of Thailand is preparing to bring home an elephant named Plai Sak Surin, one of the three Thai elephants living in Sri Lanka, using an Ilyushin IL-76 cargo plane, in early July. Thailand gave Plai Sak Surin, also known as Muthu Raja in Sri Lanka, to the Sri Lankan government also known as Muthu Raja…