Three UK tourists presumed dead in Egyptian Red Sea dive boat fire

A fire on a dive boat in the Egyptian Red Sea has resulted in the presumed deaths of three British tourists, according to tour operator Scuba Travel. The boat, named Hurricane, had 26 other individuals on board, including 12 Britons, who were rescued. Authorities believe the fire, which occurred on Sunday, was caused by an electrical fault. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not yet confirmed the deaths but has been in contact with the families of the missing tourists.

Scuba Travel released a statement expressing their regret and offering condolences to the families and friends of those lost in the tragic incident. The three missing tourists had reportedly decided not to dive on the morning of the fire. All passengers on board were described as “qualified diving enthusiasts.”

The severity of the fire led to the immediate evacuation of the 12 divers present at the morning briefing onto a nearby boat. The 14 crew members, including the captain and two dive guides, followed after unsuccessful attempts to locate the missing guests. Scuba Travel has been working with the boat’s operator, Tornado Marine, since 2001.

Rescued guests were taken to the village of Marsa Shagra, where they received medical assistance and provided statements to local police. Scuba Travel stated that the British tourists who were rescued are expected to return to the UK within the week, and local authorities will conduct a full investigation into the fire.

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