Shopper leaves underwear behind at store, netizens baffled and amused

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An unusual incident in a Vietnamese clothing store was a source of bafflement for both staff and netizens after a woman trying on a pair of jeans accidentally left behind her underwear. The oddity of the situation soon caused a stir online after the disbelieving retail staff posted photos online seeking the original owner, much to the amusement of the virtual onlookers.

In a peculiar turn of events, a shopper had left a piece of her intimate apparel in the pile of tried-on clothes. A particular clothing business shared images of a pair of jeans, recently tried on by a female customer, which had been left inside out, with a pair of knickers still rolled up inside. This unexpected discovery truly bewildered the store employees. In the end, they posted online, calling out to the petite underwear owner, saying…

“You must have been in a rush. Don’t be surprised, and don’t think we intentionally stole your tiny trousers. We haven’t sold a single item but we’re already in profit!”

After the images were posted by the merchant, Internet users were left shaking their heads in disbelief and confusion. They wondered how the woman could have either forgotten or intentionally left her underwear behind.

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The online community chuckled…

“How rushed do you have to be to forget, or perhaps it’s better not to wear it because it’s hot?”

“Hang on! Didn’t she feel the breeze?”

“There are strange cases of forgetfulness in this world, but in this case, after trying on clothes one should properly flip them back before returning to the store.”

“I don’t know what others think, but what annoys me the most is the habit of stripping multiple items of clothing at a time. Because it’s necessary to wash one piece at a time after undressing, right? This must be a habit from the house! Scary indeed!”

“Do you have to discard it after trying it on? But who will sell it? And more importantly, who dares buy it?”

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