Indonesia vows to end Joke Widodo’s extension, says new president will be elected in 2024

Indonesia President Joko Widodo | Photo: Youtube screenshot.

The electoral commission of Indonesia declared today that Southeast Asia’s archipelago nation will see its next leader in February 2024, putting an end to rumours that President Joko Widodo may seek to prolong his second and constitutionally mandated last term. Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian, the General Election Commission, and members of the House of Representatives met earlier this week to make the decision.

Election Commission chief Ilham Saputra said on Monday that “voting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2024”. Officials also decided that elections for regency heads, mayors, and province governors will take place concurrently across the country on November 27, the same year, adding that issues such as campaign timetables and electoral stages will be discussed five months prior.

To reduce political polarisation, the home affairs minister also advocated a three-month campaign term, while the Election Commission recommended a four-month campaign period from October 14, 2023.

“Three months is enough. The public should not be divided for too long and we think that with communication technology, media, and social media, this is enough time.”

Speculation claimed that incumbent President Joko Widodo might want to extend his five-year term, but that a constitutional revision would be needed to allow him to compete for a third term. Widodo has previously stated that he does not intend to stay in office for much longer.

SOURCE: Benar News

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