Former South Korean navy member under fire for fighting in Ukraine

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A former South Korean navy member who fought in Ukraine hasn’t received a warm welcome upon returning home to recover from injuries. The man, Rhee Keun, said that about 10 police officers were waiting for him as he stepped off the plane today. The officers told him to quarantine for a week as a Covid-19 precaution, and said they would summon him for questioning afterward.

Rhee faces an investigation on suspicion of disobeying a government ban on travel to Ukraine. South Korea’s foreign ministry filed a police complaint against him in March, shortly after he travelled to Ukraine, on charges of violating a passport act. South Korea banned its citizens from travelling to Ukraine in February, threatening to fine violators US$8,000, or jail them for up to a year.

Rhee says he will cooperate in the investigation. He said Ukraine offered him citizenship, but he turned down the offer because he didn’t think it was “right” to avoid a trial or fine.

People from across the globe have volunteered to fight in Ukraine’s military against Russia’s invasion. In March, Thai nationals, moved by footage of Ukraine, signed up to defend the country.

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A former member of the Royal Thai Air Force said having served 2 years in the Thai air force, he was physically and mentally prepared and his experience. He said he was qualified to join the newly-established Ukrainian International Legion.

“I did not join (the Ukraine legion) as a Thai national, but I did so as a human being.”

SOURCE: Reuters

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