Chinese student profits from booming bridesmaid rental industry, earning up to 1,500 baht per wedding

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A 21 year old Chinese student has made a lucrative part-time career as a professional bridesmaid for hire, having attended over 50 weddings. It’s not her fame that has led to these invitations, but her role as a paid companion for brides.

For each event, she earns a starting fee of around 288 yuan, approximately 1,500 baht (US$40), which is exclusive of the special red packet bonus she receives, varying from wedding to wedding. In addition, her travel, transportation, meals, and accommodation expenses prior to the wedding day are covered, enabling her to earn a significant income quietly.

The student revealed that her entry into the rented bridesmaid industry began simply with her desire to attend parties and enjoy free food. After spotting a job advertisement on an online platform, she did not hesitate to apply, reported Sanook.

While still a student, she accepts assignments close to her home or university. The criteria for being a bridesmaid include having strong mobility skills, as she has to follow the bride in collecting items on the wedding day.

The most important thing is to avoid creating or participating in any conflict during the event. Moreover, she should not be more beautiful, taller, or shorter than the bride. Some jobs even specify that the bridesmaid should not be born in the Year of the Cow or Tiger and should be compatible with her own luck.

This new demand in the wedding industry has led to the emergence and growth of agencies offering bridesmaid rental services.

They offer ordinary, middle, and high-grade bridesmaid services. High-grade bridesmaids, in addition to following traditional wedding procedures, also assist in liaising with the hosts, secretaries, and photographers.

The more experience gained as a bridesmaid, the better the chance of upgrading to a high-grade bridesmaid, which comes with a higher remuneration.

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