Brazilian woman’s fatal encounter with poisoned chocolate

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A 27 year old woman in Brazil, known as Fernanda Silva Valas da Cruz Pinto, tragically lost her life after consuming chocolate. This followed a recent fortune-telling session where she was ominously predicted to die prematurely. After eating the chocolate, she suffered severe abdominal pain, vomited blood, and foamed at the mouth. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead the following morning.

One of Fernanda’s family members revealed that before her death, she had visited a gypsy fortune-teller who gave her a piece of chocolate as a gift, along with a prediction of her impending death. After returning home, Fernanda ate the chocolate without any suspicion, which ultimately led to her untimely death.

Initially, Fernanda’s family did not suspect foul play in her death, believing she had died due to an ulcer and an existing gastric disease. However, the autopsy revealed that she had been poisoned by the chocolate, which contained high concentrations of sulphate and terbufos, essentially potent insecticides, reported odditycentral.

The case eventually gained the attention of the Toxicology Institute of Sambo, who reported on the matter. Law enforcement initiated investigations into the individuals involved based on the available evidence but were unable to find any leads to conclude. An official stated, “We cannot yet apprehend the aforementioned fortune-teller as there isn’t enough evidence to prove she is the perpetrator.”

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The official further explained the challenges they faced, “The crime scene did not have any CCTV cameras, making this a challenging case as we have to investigate a murder from a place with no physical witnesses at the point of occurrence. However, we will strive to deliver justice and gather the necessary information for this case.”

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