Unusual giant squids caught in Thailand spark online curiosity

Photo courtesy of Nuch Juraluck

Fishermen in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand, witnessed an unusual spectacle as they reeled in several giant squids from the waters. The squids, each tipping the scales at 5 kilogrammes, sparked a flurry of online interest, as netizens began questioning both the origins of these marine creatures and their potential culinary delights.

The massive catch was made by the crew of the fishing boat Chokpapimo, operating from Krabi province, directly across the bay from Phuket. The images of the colossal squid were shared on Facebook by seafood stall operator, Nuch Juraluck, eliciting a wave of comments from fascinated social media users.

While the exact species of the squid remains unknown, local vendors have taken to calling them Muek Jeen, or Chinese Squid. Approximately four to five of these unique squids were caught off the coast of Krabi and their meat was offered for sale at 100 baht per kilogramme, reported Phuket News.

Charoenchai Srisuwan, a senior fisheries official in Krabi, corroborated the identification of the unusual sea creature as Muek Jeen and noted its rarity in the region. According to him, such encounters are reported only every three to five years, usually by large trawlers using extensive nets. Notably, there have been no previous reports of these squids being caught near the shore.

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Charoenchai proposed that the sudden appearance of the Muek Jeen squids near Krabi’s coast might suggest an increase in biodiversity, possibly due to seasonal fishery closures in the area. However, he also conceded the possibility that these squids may have been forced to migrate due to underwater volcanic activity.

In related news, the rare Oarfish, scientifically known as Regalecus glesne, was discovered near Adang Island, Satun Province, Thailand. Sighted by the fishing vessel Thepcharoenporn 15, the marine creature, resembling mythical sea dragons, can grow up to 9 metres. Debunking myths, the find doesn’t predict earthquakes or tsunamis, likely surfacing due to illness or changing currents. Samples will be preserved for further study.

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