Taiwanese fraud suspect nabbed in Pattaya after overstaying visa

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A recent collaboration between the Tourist Police Division 2 and Pattaya Police led to the apprehension of a Taiwanese national, accused of fraud in Taiwan. The 22 year old individual in question, Hsues Hua Liu, was taken into custody yesterday, February 10, following suspicions of his association with a call centre gang back in his homeland. It is believed that he sought refuge in Pattaya to elude Taiwanese law enforcement.

The authorities were able to successfully track down and arrest Liu on Walking Street in Pattaya, thanks to intelligence shared by their Taiwanese counterparts. Upon delving deeper into Liu’s background, the investigation team discovered that he had entered Thailand as a tourist on October 23, 2023. His visa, however, expired on January 9, this year, indicating that he had overstayed his welcome by 32 days, reported The Pattaya News.

As investigations continue, Liu remains in the custody of Pattaya Police. He is expected to face legal proceedings under Thai law, demonstrating the country’s commitment to international cooperation in law enforcement and its strong stance against transnational crime.

In related news, a 55 year old Chinese man was apprehended in a villa in Rawai, Phuket, following an arrest warrant issued by the Chinese government. The man is accused of fabricating documents to secure an illicit loan, causing the Chinese government to suffer losses of around 1.133 billion yuan (approximately 5.6 billion baht).

This news was revealed during a press conference at the Immigration Bureau headquarters in Nonthaburi. Immigration Bureau Chief Police Lieutenant General Phakphumphiphat Sujjapan presided over the event. It was revealed that the Bureau received notification about the wanted individual from the Chinese government via the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

Gao, who had entered Thailand via Phuket on September 5, was found to have used a Thailand Privilege Card to gain entry. This card granted him a one-year stay, valid until September 3, 2024. However, upon receiving the warrant from the Chinese government, the immigration officers requested permission from Pol. Lt. Gen. Phakphumphiphat to revoke Gao’s permit, given the serious charges he was facing.

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