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Pattaya residents accuse Greek expat of throwing sewage, threatening neighbours, and damaging property

Residents of a housing estate in the district of Banglamung in Pattaya, have filed a police report against an expat they accuse of threatening and damaging behaviour. According to The Pattaya News, neighbours say the Greek national has threatened them, as well as “throwing sewage” at their homes, and damaging their fences. They add that, despite filing a police report about the man’s behaviour, which has also been captured on CCTV, they feel nothing is being done.

PHOTO: The Pattaya News

In the police report, neighbours say the man is from Greece and around 50 years old. They accuse him of destroying fences with a hammer, while threatening and screaming at residents. According to the report, he has also thrown bags of sewage and other trash over fences and onto other people’s property. He is also accused of attacking a security guard and an elderly woman in the estate.

Residents say they are mystified as to why the man is acting this way, insisting they have done nothing to provoke such behaviour. The man’s name has not been disclosed.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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  • Why the focus on his nationality? What relevance does that have to the story? It's not as if one person is representative of an entire national or ethnic group, is it.

  • Probably people have been saying that his newly opened stall's claimed spectacular Souvlaki and Tzatziki tasted not that special! 55!

  • unless he's crazy something has provoked his guy, maybe someone's dog bit one of his children or someone in the neighborhood has a boombox playing loud music when hes trying to sleep. These are just two of the normal things than can happen in a Thai neighborhood.

    Sometimes Thai's are inconsiderate noise wise, even fellow Thais will shake their head, but not say anything as its considered rude to complain. That's the Thai system of politeness.

    One time I was in my house playing a little music, over 1KM away a loud party/concert by a lake was shaking my house. My gf said, turn your music down. I said what about that party? Apparently that didnt matter.

    Perhaps you could balance the reporting by interviewing the expat in question Thaiger??

  • Barking dogs late into the night? Loud music at inappropriate hours? Souped up motorbikes coming late at night? Loud grandmothers who don't grasp the concept of 'using a night voice'? Could be numerous triggers. Either he's a bit off, or no one bothered to ask him?

  • BC

    Yes, farangs can be very noisy with loud music, owning barking dogs, loud motorbikes, but there will be no problem with their grandmothers as unlike Thais who look after their old people, farangs leave them to die alone in Western countries.

  • Well it's like this very simple suluatiion if you go to the trou9to print this story why have you not asked him.?

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