Pattaya serves up first IFBT beach tennis comp: sun, sand, serve & volley

The vibrant fun-filled city of Pattaya is all set to host its annual beach tennis tournament amidst the sun-soaked beaches and scenic beauty of the city. From April 5 to April 7, you will find Jomtien Beach, in front of the D’varee Hotel, teeming with tennis enthusiasts and spectators.

What sets this year’s tournament apart is that it’s the first time it has been sanctioned by the International Federation of Beach Tennis (IFBT). It’s also the first instance of an Asian country hosting an IFBT World Cup Tour-level tournament. Beach tennis has been steadily gaining popularity in Thailand over the last decade, and Pattaya, with its commitment to nurturing this sport, seems to be its ideal home.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Pattaya’s stunning beaches, the tournament promises an adrenaline rush for the players and the viewers alike. As players display their prowess, they will be surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand. The natural beauty of the location, complemented by the electrifying atmosphere of the competition, promises to provide an immersive and unforgettable experience to all involved.

The tournament is not just for the professional players. With seven categories, it caters to a wide range of participants, from seasoned players to beginners. So, whether you’re an experienced beach tennis player or a newbie, there’s an opportunity for you to compete and challenge your skills against players from across the globe.

The tournament isn’t all competition and no fun. Along with the matches, there’s a festival-like atmosphere with live music, food stalls and a variety of entertainment options. The event aims to provide an enjoyable experience for the entire community, celebrating sport, culture and fun.

The tournament is also expected to boost tourism and the local economy of Pattaya. Anticipated to attract a considerable number of international visitors, it promises to bring significant economic benefits to the city. Tourists will not only get to witness world-class beach tennis action but also experience the city’s renowned hospitality, diverse attractions, and a plethora of ongoing activities.

The organisers of the tournament are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. They are taking detailed measures to ensure the well-being of the players, spectators and staff, striving to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

For more information about the tournament, including dates, registration details and prize money, please visit

Pattaya serves up first IFBT beach tennis comp: sun, sand, serve & volley | News by Thaiger
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