Pattaya gains condom vending machines

Sex in Sin City just got safer as condoms were loaded into vending machines in two areas of Pattaya in the Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand, yesterday.

The initiative is part of the National Health Security Office’s new campaign “Love Bang Love Safety” which aims to tackle teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

The project is being piloted in Pattaya, the sex capital of the world, with the scope to expand depending on its success.

Pattaya City Mayor said that initially, three vending machines selling four sizes of condoms have been installed in two areas of the city: Laem Bali Hai Pier and Pattaya City Hospital.

The NHSO has launched an app called Paotang where Thai gold card holders can request various forms of contraception and emergency contraception, which they can access at the nearest NHSO service kiosk near them.

Dr Chadet Thammatcha-aree, secretary-general of the NHSO, said…

“The NHSO has prepared 94,566,600 condoms in four sizes for distribution which can be accessed in two ways.

“Firstly, gold card holders can register on the Paotang application, make a request, and pick the condoms up from the nearest service kiosk to their home. Those who don’t have a smartphone can register at the service kiosk to get condoms.

“Alternatively, simply go to a condom vending machine in Pattaya and confirm your identity with your ID card.”

However, the initiative has been criticised as inaccessible to some groups who could benefit from it.

The deputy director of the Friends of Sex Workers Foundation (SWING) said the project is a good idea however does not respond to everyone’s needs due to the identity proof requirement.

He said that sex workers might want to buy condoms without revealing their identities.

During the pandemic, vending machines selling ATK test kits started popping up around Thailand.

You can find a range of items in vending machines in Thailand including instant noodles, snacks, drinks, CBD-infused coffee, SIM cards, electronic gadgets, and even ice cream.

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