Mother files complaint with Pattaya police after son gets hit, bruised by teacher

A Thai teacher in Pattaya is being accused of hitting a 10 year old student because he was asking too many questions during an examination. The boy’s mother says he came home with a bruise on his back. The 28 year old mother, Suwanna Phasuk, made a report to the police at the Nong Prue station and says she wants to prevent this from happening to other students.

When the student came home from school, he told his mother that the teacher that hit him. At first, the mother says she didn’t think much of it as teachers will sometimes do a light slap as punishment, but then she saw the bruise on her son’s back.

She says 30 year old teacher admitted to hitting the boy because she was angry. The teacher did not face any disciplinary action from the school, so the mother decided to report the incident to the police.

The school punishment done by teachers is a controversial issue in Thai society, many teachers will use a ruler to slap a student’s hand as a punishment. Some say that the punishment is considered physical abuse and violates the child’s rights. However, another group sees it as a process to raise discipline.

SOURCE: Dailynews | Bugaboo TV | Siamrath

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