Capsized kayak calamity off Pattaya: Adventure takes an unexpected plunge

Picture courtesy of Pattaya News.

A kayaking adventure off the coast of Pattaya nearly ended in tragedy as a boat carrying a 42 year old man and a 14 year old girl capsized in the early hours of yesterday morning. The incident, which occurred at 4.30am, drew swift response from emergency services who attended the scene near Walking Street in South Pattaya, Banglamung district, Chon Buri province.

The sandy beach was awash with tourists who watched in growing horror as two figures struggled to stay afloat about 200 metres from the shore. The sinking silhouette of a capsized kayak painted a chilling picture of the perilous situation unfolding.

First responders raced against time to reach the pair, subsequently identified as 42 year old Nopporn Buasunthon and a 14 year old girl, known only as ‘A’ to protect her identity due to her young age. Both individuals managed to reach the safety of the shore unscathed, despite their kayak’s disastrous encounter with the waters of Pattaya.

Nopporn explained that he had met the young girl and her friends by chance on the beach. She mentioned that she was on holiday and had never experienced the sea before. Engaging in the spirit of hospitality, Nopporn agreed to take her kayaking. However, their maritime adventure was cut short as their kayak began to sink.

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Nopporn conceded that the capsized kayak was likely due to his weight rather than that of his young companion. Pattaya emergency services on the scene expressed their relief that both individuals had escaped the ordeal unharmed, citing their survival as incredibly fortunate.

Despite this, Pattaya police have announced their intention to investigate the capsized kayak incident further. They highlighted concerns over the presence of minors on the beach late at night without parental or guardian supervision, as this contravenes current regulations.

Nopporn, reflecting on the harrowing capsized kayak experience, admitted they were lucky to be alive and unharmed.

The incident has underscored the importance of adhering to safety guidelines when partaking in water activities. It also serves as a reminder to ensure that minors are adequately supervised, particularly in the late hours, reinforcing the need for stringent adherence to regulations.

Capsized kayak calamity off Pattaya: Adventure takes an unexpected plunge | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News.

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