British man warns other after he was was hit on a Pattaya crossing

Chris Baker was injured after being hit by a motorcycle, photo shared by Chris Baker.

A British man says he was hit by a motorcycle at a “very dangerous” pedestrian crossing in Pattaya. The man, 69 year old Chris Baker, told The Thaiger that yesterday morning a motorcycle hit him at the crossing from Rompho market to Soi 7. The market is located in the Bang Lamung district.

Baker says he suffered a broken tooth, cut lip, swollen mouth, severe bruising on his arms and legs, and bad chest pain. He said that when he asked the motorcycle driver why he did not stop at the crossing, the driver said that his break did not work. However, Baker told The Thaiger

The real reason was that he was clutching a live chicken under his right arm and therefore could not operate the brake.”

Baker added that he had made a police report but, “what happens to this report is anyone’s guess.”

Baker stressed his gratitude towards Good Samaritans who rushed to help him. He said that a woman, who worked nearby as a vendor, brought him tissues to help with the blood flowing from his mouth. He was also especially grateful to the British ambulance driver, who he said helped to calm him down as he was in shock.

British man warns other after he was was hit on a Pattaya crossing | News by Thaiger

British man warns other after he was was hit on a Pattaya crossing | News by Thaiger
Photos shared by Chris Baker.

Baker was first taken to Pattaya City Hospital, although he later went to Bang Lamung Hospital since he could have an X-ray and ultrasound test for a more affordable price.

Now, Baker is warning other pedestrians that this crosswalk is highly dangerous for them. He noted that he has seen many “near misses” at the crossing. Baker said…

Despite being well signposted before and at the crossing, there seems to be an attitude among many drivers that the law does not apply to them, and that they can drive through and over this crossing when the light for them is red.”

Baker strongly believes that there should be cameras to photograph vehicles that speed through red lights at the crossing. If not this, he said there should be a police officer at the crossing at least sometimes, if not every day.

He added, “It is so so dangerous!”

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