Woman’s skeleton found under temple crematorium in Bangkok

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The discovery of a woman’s skeletal remains under a crematorium at a well-known temple in Bang Rak has shocked the community. The police have launched an investigation into the case, which dates back to an incident approximately 40 years ago.

Police Lieutenant Krirkwut Ariyametha, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) at Bang Rak Police Station, received a report today, May 29, about the discovery of human skeletal remains in a storage room beneath the crematorium at Mahapruettharamworrawihan Temple in Mahapruettharam Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok.

He promptly arrived at the scene with officers from the prevention and suppression division, the investigation division, forensic doctors from the Police General Hospital, and forensic evidence officers on May 27.

The scene revealed an unidentified skeleton inside the room. A preliminary forensic examination indicated that the remains belonged to a female, though her age and cause of death remain undetermined. The skeleton has been sent to the forensic department at the Police General Hospital for further investigation to ascertain the cause of death and identify the individual.

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Witnesses revealed that around 30 to 40 years ago, a man known only as Mouha brought the body of his mother, identified as Hia, to the then-abbot of Mahapruettharamworrawihan Temple. Mouha promised to return to perform the religious rites for the deceased, said a witness.

“No one came to collect the body for the religious ceremony.”

The body was left at the temple, and current monks and temple personnel were unaware of its existence until this recent discovery.

Maha Apiwat Thammatthiwat, who was cleaning the storage room under the crematorium, found the skeletal remains. He immediately notified the police.

“It was a shocking discovery. We had no idea there was a body there.”

The police are now intensifying their efforts to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident from decades ago, reported KhaoSod.

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