Warning: Hot cars cause sealed fizzy drinks to explode

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A medical technician warned motorists against leaving pressurised liquids in hot cars as explosions could cause shattered glass.

Yesterday, May 25, well-known Medical Science Technician Phakphum Dethatsadin warned in a Facebook post about the risks of leaving tightly sealed fizzy drink containers, whether bottles or cans, inside hot cars. The message quickly went viral, with numerous netizens reading, sharing, and commenting on the hidden dangers that are often overlooked.

Dethatsadin’s warning cautioned that exposure to high heat could cause gas within the fizzy drink containers to expand and eventually lead to an explosion. This could not only result in a messy situation, with car owners needing to clean their vehicles thoroughly but also become life-threatening if the explosion shatters windscreen glass.

Following the circulation of the cautionary post, many people took to social media to share their own experiences of how such explosions inside cars left their vehicles covered in sticky residue. The warning serves as a timely reminder to the general public about the potential dangers of leaving pressurised containers in hot vehicles, encouraging more cautious behaviour in the future.

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Pressurised liquids are not the only items in danger of exploding in your car in extreme heat.

Last month, a pickup truck parked in the sun all day burst into flames in Buriram province in northeast Thailand after a lighter exploded on the front seat.

On April 6, officers at Nang Rong Police Station were informed of a car fire outside a home in Nang Rong district. Police rushed to the scene with Mueang Nang Rong Fire Department firefighters, the Buriram Highway Police Rescue Unit, and Siam Ruam Jai Salvation volunteers.

Officials found an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck with a Nakhon Ratchasima number plate entirely engulfed in flames outside a house in Ban Thung village. Read more about the incident HERE.

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