Transgender trio snatch gold necklace from Korean tourist in Pattaya

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

A Korean tourist last week was allegedly robbed of his 200,000 baht gold necklace by a trio of transgender suspects in Pattaya.

The 51 year old tourist, Seongmu, accompanied by his 43 year old Thai friend, Surat Kongin, revealed the details of the robbery which took place on Thursday, January 11, imploring justice for the brazen theft.

The escapade unfolded when Seongmu, who landed in Pattaya on January 1, decided to take a leisurely stroll along Pattaya Beach after a sumptuous dinner on Soi 2 around 8pm on January 11. Seongmu found himself accosted by a group of three transgender women near Soi 5 to 6.

Surat recounted the unsettling encounter with the Thai media, detailing how the trio propositioned Seongmu for erotic services, a proposition he firmly rejected. Undeterred, they attempted an unwarranted embrace, leading Seongmu to defensively push them away. Little did he know, the golden weight of his 5-baht (75 grammes) necklace, valued at over 200,000 baht, had vanished into thin air, reported Pattaya News.

Seongmu promptly reported the theft to Pattaya Police, only to be disheartened by the revelation that the crime scene lacked CCTV coverage. Despite days of investigation, the police have yet to apprehend the elusive suspects, leaving Seongmu disillusioned and urging law enforcement to elevate the priority of his case.

More updates on the investigation to follow.

In related news, a 29 year old transgender woman made her escape via South Pattaya Road after snatching a 300,000 baht gold necklace from a Chinese tourist on Christmas Day last year.

In other news, a daring theft took place in a well-known jewellery shop when a thief made off with a gold necklace worth 171,665 baht in November last year. The incident occurred at the Yaowarat Gold Shop, located within a shopping mall in Chana district, Songkhla. The thief, a security guard from Hat Yai, was apprehended shortly afterwards.

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