Tourists flee as python slithers into Thailand’s Emerald Pool (video)

A two-metre-long python slithered into the popular Emerald Pool in Krabi province in southern Thailand on Tuesday, sending panicked tourists clambering in all directions.

In a chaotic TikTok clip, tourists scream as one brave swimmer splashes water at the python on the poolside in an attempt to drive it away. But yesterday was a hot day. The python wanted to cool off too.

Screams erupted again when the snake slithered into the water sending both Thai and foreign tourists fleeing in all directions in a rush to get out of the pool.

Pythons might not be venomous snakes but have a strong bite and can do significant damage based on size alone. No one can swim peacefully knowing a python is lurking below and could bite their toe at any second.

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The TikTok user who filmed the clip said that he and his family travelled to the Emerald Pool from their home in Songkhla province. The family was playing in the water when the snake emerged all of a sudden. As soon as the snake slithered into the pool, the family decided it was time to go home.

Forest rangers at Khoa Pra-bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Emerald Pool is located, said that the snake was captured and released far, far away in the jungle.

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In April, a man from Nonthaburi was taking a dump in his bathroom when he felt a sudden agonising pain in his backside. He leapt up to see a python slithering back down the toilet bowl. The snake bit his bottom.

In January, a South Korean film crew came under fire for harming the natural environment at the Emerald Pool by installing a stage in the water. It turns out that the crew obtained permission to use the Emerald Pool as a filming location from January 7 to 9.

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