3 illegal Cambodian monks found living in Samut Prakan forest

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Authorities in Samut Prakan province recently apprehended three Cambodian nationals dressed in monk-like attire, living in a makeshift shelter in a forest near a local market. The raid took place on May 21, led by Pol Lt Col. Phakphumpiphat Sajjaphan, Chief of the Immigration Police, and Pol Lt Col Waritsiri Lelasiri, Head of Subdivision 3. The operation aimed to investigate foreigners exhibiting suspicious behaviour or those involved in cross-border criminal activities.

During the investigation, officials discovered three Cambodian men dressed in garments resembling those of Buddhist monks, using pieces of wood and cloth to construct a temporary shelter in a forested area behind Siwa Nakhon market in the town of Ban Tai Mai, Samut Prakan province. The men were unable to present valid travel documents to the officers, resulting in their arrest on charges of illegally residing in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Pol Lt Col. Chinnawut Thangwonglert urged local residents in the Samut Prakan area to remain vigilant and report any suspicious individuals, particularly those appearing to be of unknown nationality, dressed like monks, exhibiting unusual behaviour, or unable to communicate in Thai. By doing so, the community can help prevent potential crime issues that may arise in the future.

The detained individuals will face legal proceedings, and upon completion of the case, will be deported back to their home country.

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