Third sea turtle rescued from fishing nets in Phuket this week

Photo courtesy of Phuket News

Another sea turtle, entangled in discarded fishing nets, washed ashore in Phuket yesterday. The young turtle was found by lifeguards on Kalim Beach, north of Patong, amidst a mix of debris.

Patong Surf Life Saving Club lifeguards successfully freed the turtle by cutting away the netting before notifying officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR). DMCR officials transported the turtle to the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center at Cape Panwa for rehabilitation before its eventual release back into the sea. The official reports did not specify the turtle’s gender, age, or weight.

This turtle is the third to be taken in by the rescue centre following similar incidents within a week. Last Saturday, two hawksbill sea turtles were rescued from discarded fishing nets at Mai Khao Beach. One turtle was released back into the water, while the other was taken to Cape Panwa for rehabilitation.

Two days later, another young hawksbill turtle was found south of Patong, with part of its flipper amputated due to entanglement in a discarded fishing net. This wounded turtle is also under care at the Cape Panwa facility.

Earlier this month, on June 5, DMCR officials discovered the decomposed remains of an adult green turtle at Nai Harn Beach. The turtle had washed ashore without visible external wounds, and the internal organs were too decomposed to determine the cause of death.

These incidents underscore the ongoing concerns about marine life and the health of coastal ecosystems in the region. The repeated occurrences of turtles washing ashore injured or deceased highlight the urgent need for addressing pollution and its impact on marine wildlife.

“The state of marine life in Phuket is alarming, and we must take immediate action to protect these creatures and their habitats.”

The rescue and rehabilitation efforts by the DMCR and local lifeguards demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding marine life, but the frequency of these incidents calls for broader measures to reduce pollution and protect the region’s coastal ecosystems, reported Phuket News.

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