Thais in Myanmar issued emergency documents for repatriation

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Emergency travel documents are being issued to the majority of Thais awaiting repatriation in Myanmar, as most of them are without passports, according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) yesterday. The MFA revealed that these individuals had their passports taken away by their employers.

The information was disclosed by Ruj Thammamomgkol, director-general of the MFA Consular Department, during a press conference discussing the rescue plans for 164 Thais. It was reported that these individuals were either deceived into working for illegal call-centre gangs or were victims of human trafficking, resulting in their employment in Laukkaing, a region in Myanmar’s Shan state.

Ruj stated that the Consular Department received updates from the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon. Initially, there were 162 Thais, but two more were recently brought into the situation by the pro-junta Kokang ethnic group. Consequently, the total number of Thais awaiting repatriation has increased to 164. Myanmar authorities have arranged for their temporary accommodation in a local military camp, reported Bangkok Post.

Ruj added that Laukkaing is a significant city in terms of Myanmar’s economy. It is located 5 kilometres from China and serves as the prime cross-border trade link with China.

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“This city is very prosperous and has lots of high buildings. Along with prosperity, there are entertainment venues and scammers. As such, there are various nationals lured to work there. After the Chinese started suppressing such illegal activities, Myanmar authorities rescued the Thais.”

Ruj added that an evacuation route through China would require the Thais to have a Chinese visa. Myanmar is still evaluating safety protocols for reaching the Chinese border.

“I have contacted one of the Thais in the camp, and she said that they are safe and are being treated well. I told them that the Thai government will evacuate them as soon as possible because the situation needs to be evaluated daily.”

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