Thailand’s airports vow to eliminate carbon emissions by 2032

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Airports of Thailand (AOT) is gearing up to transform the aviation landscape by pledging to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and zero carbon emissions by 2032.

AOT, responsible for overseeing the nation’s major hubs, has laid out an ambitious strategy to slash a whopping 50% of its annual carbon footprint, currently standing at 300,000 tons.

Keerati Kitmanawat, AOT’s dynamic CEO declared that AOT plays a crucial role in curbing carbon emissions within the Thai aviation sector. The strategy entails a swift transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles (EVs), with a plan to electrify 1,180 rental cars in 2024, escalating to 600 by 2027, and a grand vision to replace over 4,000 taxis and limousines, as well as 3,400 support vehicles, with eco-friendly electric alternatives.

This audacious move is anticipated to save a colossal 10 million litres of fuel annually, translating to a commendable 28,360-tonne reduction in carbon emissions. Moreover, the initiative promises a breath of fresh air by mitigating air pollution at the airports.

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In tandem, the AOT is set to revamp its energy consumption by introducing solar cells on buildings and runways, aiming to offset 20% of electricity use within two years, surging to an impressive 50% in four years, and achieving a staggering 100% within a decade, reported The Nation.

“Electricity costs at airports currently stand at 1 billion baht per month. With the completion of solar cell installations, we aim to slash this to 700 million baht per month.”

But that’s not all – AOT is exploring the potential of generating electricity from hydrogen during nighttime, showcasing a commitment to innovative green solutions. The agency is also steering towards sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) adoption, aiming to meet international carbon reduction regulations and reduce reliance on expensive SAF imports from Singapore.

In related news, Dr Keerati Kitmanawat, the president of AOT led a thorough inspection on December 28, of Suvarnabhumi International Airport‘s preparedness for the new year celebrations.

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