Thai Cabinet “okays” 5 year plan to lower tobacco consumption

The plan to reduce the consumption of cigarettes will start this year until 2027 | Photo via Unsplash

Thailand is going a step further than the graphic (and disturbing) photos on packs of cigarettes to discourage the public from smoking. The Thai Cabinet has approved a five-year road map focusing on lowering tobacco consumption to help improve overall public health. The plan, with a 498 million baht budget, will start this year and end in 2027.

The plan to curb smoking has six strategies.

1 ) Consumption regulation

State agencies will be given more power to regulate the consumption of tobacco in Thailand, with current rules and regulations being improved.

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Budget: 138 million baht

2 ) Enhance public awareness of the harmful effects of smoking

The second approach prioritises lowering the number of new smokers and increasing public knowledge of tobacco companies’ marketing strategies to educate the younger generation on how tobacco companies try to entice people to smoke.

Budget: 99 million baht

3 ) Assistance for those who want to quit smoking

The third method involves forming community networks to aid people who are addicted to tobacco and assisting them in quitting smoking.

Budget: 51 million baht

4 ) Disclosure of tobacco product contents

The fourth method includes complete disclosure of the contents of cigarette products. This will necessitate changes to a number of laws.

Budget: 12.5 million baht

5 ) Smoking bans in public places

Restrictions and banning smoking in public and workplaces will be implemented under the fifth strategy.

Budget: 165 million baht

6 ) Tobacco tax reform and crackdown on illegal tobacco sales

The sixth policy will focus on two areas: tobacco-related tax reform, including a reformed collection system for tobacco items, and the reduction of illegal cigarette sales.

Budget: 32.5 million baht

Source: Bangkok Post

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