Teenager in Thailand brutally assaulted by notorious youth gang

A brutal assault on a 13 year old boy by a notorious youth gang in Nonthaburi, Thailand, led to a formal complaint being lodged at the Ratthanathibet Police Station. Ekapop Luengprasert, an adviser to the interior minister and founder of the Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai District Must Survive) Facebook page, accompanied the mother of the victim to the station on Monday.

The attack occurred on January 10, at a local public park near Samakkhi Road. The teenager was assaulted by the Sai Thong gang, known by the name of its leader, Tee Tha Sai, along with seven other members. The attack was reportedly due to an issue with the boy’s ex-girlfriend, a member of the gang. The boy suffered severe injuries, including a broken nose, a ruptured eardrum, and a pulmonary haemorrhage, requiring surgical intervention for complete recovery.

The mother, identified as Chatmongkot, revealed that the gang warned her son against informing her about the assault. However, he eventually confessed the truth. Following the incident, her son received a death threat from the gang, stating they would set their house on fire. This prompted her to seek assistance from Ekapop.

Police Colonel Pisut Chantharasuwan pledged an immediate investigation into the incident. He also announced the formation of a dedicated team to apprehend teenage gangs, particularly the Sai Thong gang, who have been causing chaos in the area for several years.

Earlier on Monday, Ekapop, accompanied by his team, visited Sai Thong village, the gang’s stronghold, and inspected the area where Tee Tha Sai has reportedly terrorised locals and their children.

According to a victim named Poom, the gang comprises over 100 members, ranging in age from teenagers to the elderly. The gang is infamous for attacking random victims, using firearms and explosives, and inciting fights to bolster their reputation.

Wanchai, an 80 year old victim, claimed that the gang has been active for over 30 years. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the police’s lackadaisical approach towards complaints lodged against the gang.

Following the meeting with Ekapop, Pol. Col. Pisut reiterated his commitment to form a special team to track down and capture the members, reported Bangkok Post.

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