Teen accuses spiritual medium of sexually abusing her and a friend

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A 17 year old Thai girl accused a spiritual medium in the Isaan province of Buriram of raping her and sexually harassing her friend while performing rituals to wash away bad luck and evil spirits.

The teenager, 17 year old Bee, revealed to the public that she and another friend were victims of sexual abuse by a 60 year old spiritual medium, Chatpong Jomkarnnon, also known as Ar Kong. The rape victim’s mother, 36 year old Gai, did not believe her story because she respected Chatpong and believed in his supernatural powers.

Thai netizens criticised Gai for being superstitious and pressured her to file a complaint against Chatpong. Due to the pressure, Gai, yesterday, November 14, took her daughter to the Mueang Buriram Police Station, even though she still did not believe her daughter.

Gai explained that she respected Chatpong and often visited his compound to attend various ceremonies. She took her daughter there and the spiritual medium told her that her daughter was about to experience an unfortunate event.

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Gai said Chatpong recommended that her daughter take part in the ceremonies to ward off evil spirits and bad luck and she allowed her daughter to do so. The ceremonies were performed in a pickup truck and she was not with her daughter.

Gai revealed that her daughter told her that she had been raped three times in the pickup during the ceremonies. She did not believe her words because Chatpong was not that kind of person. She wanted to see the results of the medical examination. The results later backed her daughter’s claim, showing traces of rape.

Another victim

Bee’s friend, A, revealed to the media that she was sexually harassed during the ceremony on November 10. Chatpong took her and Bee to a pickup to perform a ceremony. He asked A to undress and perform oral sex on him, saying it was part of the rituals.

A would not do as the spiritual medium asked and immediately climbed out of the vehicle. Chatpong attempted to do the same thing with Bee but A stopped him. A pulled Bee out of the car and they fled from the area. A said she later learned that Bee was previously raped in the car.

Channel 3 interviewed Chatpong by phone yesterday. Chatpong admitted to asking the girl to undress but denied sexual assault.

Chatpong claimed that the ritual to avert misfortune had to be done outdoors but he chose to perform it in the pickup for the girls’ safety. He had to place gold leaves on the girls’ bodies, asking them to undress.

Chatpong insisted that he did not rape or sexually molest any of the girls and even accused Bee of losing her virginity at a very young age. Chatpong claimed that he read her palm and saw that the girl had had sex when she was 13.

Chatpong dared the victims to go for medical check-ups and sought proof of his sexual abuse. He said he was ready to face legal action.

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