Shooting spree at Terminal 21 Korat unveils workplace vendetta

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Nakhon Ratchasima police raced to Terminal 21 Korat following a shooting report at 7.15pm on Saturday, March 2. Amidst bustling shoppers, panic gripped the air as echoes of a previous massacre resurfaced, casting a shadow of fear over the scene.

Arriving swiftly, emergency responders discovered Natdanai Leklak, a 30 year old security guard at the hotel, bearing six gunshot wounds inflicted by an improvised shotgun wielded by a disgruntled Thai national, identified as Supapornphong.

Despite his grievous injuries, Natdanai bravely recounted the harrowing events leading up to the attack. It transpired that Supapornphong, a former chef at the hotel, harboured a bitter grudge after being dismissed for allegedly sneaking alcohol onto the premises on multiple occasions. Natdanai’s conscientious reporting of Supapornphong’s misconduct had triggered the chef’s vengeful rampage.

As the tension between the two men reached boiling point, Supapornphong’s rage erupted into violence, culminating in the shocking assault, reported Pattaya News.

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Surrendering himself to the authorities shortly after the incident, Supapornphong now faces legal action.

In related news, a man pulled out a gun and opened fire in a violent dispute over personal matters before fleeing with a fake gold necklace. The altercation, which took place in the Ladprao area in Bangkok on Friday, March 1, has left locals alarmed and law enforcement officers on high alert as they hunt for the assailant.

A 30 year old man from Yala province found himself the target of an armed attack amidst the bustling streets of Bangkok’s Wang Thonglang district. The victim, who was riding a motorcycle with a friend, was pursued by two individuals on a brown Yamaha Grand Filano motorbike with the registration 5ขท138 Bangkok.

In other news, a shooting incident claimed the life of a Bolt driver and left another individual injured in Pattaya last Wednesday, February 28. Police Lieutenant Colonel Nattiphong Jiampuak, leading the investigation from Nong Prue Police Station, was alerted to the crime scene at 9.36pm.

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