Russian demands 100,000 baht from Thai woman for alleged assault (video)

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A Russian man accused a Thai woman of physically assaulting him at a house in the Isaan province of Buriram last month, demanding the woman pay him 100,000 baht in compensation. The accused woman denied the allegation and told a different side of the story to a new agency.

The Russian man filed a complaint against 42 year old Sommai Jamnongsook, at Khumueang Police Station in Buriram, accusing the woman of physically assaulting him and demanding 100,000 baht in compensation from her.

Sommai denied the accusation and reached out to Channel 7 to seek justice. Sommai told the media that the Russian national was the person who physically assaulted her and her 10 year old son at her home on February 18.

Sommai recounted that she hosted a birthday party for her son, during which the son invited his friend and the friend’s mother. Later, at around 11pm, the Russian man arrived at her home in search of his wife. An argument between the man and his wife ensued, culminating in the foreigner physically assaulting his wife and subsequently losing consciousness in Sommai’s house.

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Following the incident, the Russian man’s wife sought medical attention at the hospital, while Sommai and her family members administered CPR to the foreigner until he regained consciousness.

However, upon awakening, the foreign man launched into another bout of rage. He hurriedly ascended to the second floor of Sommai’s residence in search of his wife. Despite Sommai’s attempts to pacify him and explain his wife’s absence due to treatment, the man would not listen.

Russian assault

Sommai recounted that the Russian man then punched her in the face twice, causing her to collapse to the floor, and proceeded to choke her. Her son intervened by attempting to aid her, prompting the foreigner to push the boy away, nearly causing him to fall down the stairs.

The Russian man grabbed a small wooden table and tried to hit Sommai with it but her neighbours came to her aid. In the chaos, the man accidentally fell down the stairs to the first floor, injuring his head.

Sommai said she filed a complaint against the Russian man at Khumueang Police Station for trespassing, physical assault, and property damage. The man denied any wrongdoing and accused her and her neighbours of physically assaulting him.

Sommai stated that she would proceed with the legal steps against the Russian national to the fullest extent.

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