Princess Catherine’s apology over Mother’s Day photoshop scandal (video)

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After editing concerns arose over a Mother’s Day photograph featuring the Princess of Wales and her children, Catherine issued an apology “for any confusion.”

Catherine’s statement, which surfaced on Kensington Palace’s social media channels, came in response to five reputable agencies retracting the image over editing worries.

“Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.”

The photograph in question, captured by none other than the Prince of Wales himself, was the first public glimpse of Catherine since her surgery earlier this year. However, major agencies such as PA, Getty Images, AFP, Associated Press (AP), and Reuters withdrew the image, citing concerns ranging from inconsistencies in alignment to potential manipulation.

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Catherine took full responsibility for the alterations, asserting that they were minor adjustments made solely by her. This move surprised many, as it diverted attention away from her husband, Prince William, who initially snapped the photo, and the wider royal team.

Despite the apology, Kensington Palace stood firm, refusing to reissue the original, unedited snapshot. While details surrounding the alterations remain undisclosed one thing is clear: the fallout has only just begun.

Graphic showing a close up of the photograph

The photograph, intended as a heartfelt Mother’s Day gesture, inadvertently sparked debates on media ethics and the use of unvetted content in news coverage, reported BBC News.

With royal events usually under strict professional scrutiny, this candid family moment caught many off guard.

In related news, in a significant health update, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III of the United Kingdom was diagnosed with a form of cancer last month. This statement comes after a recent hospital visit initially intended for benign prostate enlargement treatment, during which another concerning issue was discovered. The 75 year old king has begun a regular treatment schedule and has been advised by his medical team to postpone public engagements.

In other news, an urgent call for heightened security measures for the royal family was made on February 12 by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, following a recent incident involving a student activist who attempted to disrupt a royal motorcade.

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