Police officer receives brain surgery after Songkran accident

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A police officer was transferred to the Police Hospital in Bangkok following a severe traffic collision that left him critically injured.

The incident occurred during the mid-Songkran festival traffic duties in Lopburi province when a female driver struck the officer, 39 year old Police Lance Corporal Piyaphan Seesuay, also known as Dab Tao. The medical team, after an immediate CT scan, is preparing for a potential second brain surgery due to a detected haemorrhage in the left side of the brain.

The injured officer was transferred from Phra Narai Maharat Hospital by ambulance at 10am today, April 18, accompanied by a convoy of five Highway Police vehicles and his wife. The journey from Lopburi through Tha Wung District and onto the Asia Highway towards Bangkok, via the express tollway, was carefully coordinated with the assistance of foundation vehicles and local police to ensure a safe passage.

The trip, taking approximately two hours, was facilitated by the cooperation of other road users who were called upon to clear the way. By approximately 11.20am, the convoy reached the emergency unit of the Police Hospital, where Lance Corporal Piyaphan was immediately taken for a preliminary CT scan.

Dr Thaweephon Wichwitarana, the chief physician at the Police Hospital, reported that the initial surgery at the previous hospital had successfully removed accumulated blood in the brain but the patient’s condition remained critical, requiring close medical supervision. The greatest concern lies with the brain’s contusion.

Dr Ekalak Dee-rungroj of the Police Hospital’s Subdivision 6 disclosed that further assessments were necessary after the initial operation, as the patient’s condition had been unstable before the transfer. Upon arrival, another CT scan was conducted to evaluate the need for a second surgery.

Severely injured

Currently, the patient is stable but unconscious, with multiple fractures to the legs and arms and a swollen eye socket. While these injuries are considered treatable, the recurring bleeding in the brain post-surgery is worrisome.

The Police Hospital’s spokesperson team announced that the latest CT scan results showed a left-sided brain haemorrhage, necessitating another round of surgery to remove the blood. Assistant Commissioner General Karnchai Klayklueng revealed that the transfer from Lopburi was completed in 1 hour 30 minutes, reported KhaoSod.

The legal proceedings against the female driver responsible for the accident are underway, with charges for reckless driving causing serious injury already filed, and the suspect is soon to be summoned for acknowledgement of the allegations.

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