Pattaya: Pathway hazard caused by parked cars, potholes, and uneven tiles

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Locals and tourists found themselves grappling with perilous pathways along Pattaya‘s Second Road, turning the once-bustling path into a hazardous route.

Haphazardly parked cars, potholes, and uneven blocks create a challenging terrain for pedestrians, but that’s not all – advertising signs and encroaching vehicles add to the chaos, further squeezing the already tight walkway.

The epicentre of this safety crisis is the northern stretch of the Second Road walkway, where baht-buses, motorcycles, and cars contribute to the mayhem, leaving minimal space for pedestrians to manoeuvre. Unlawfully blocked sidewalks have become an everyday challenge for foot travellers, jeopardising safety and convenience in equal measure.

As Pattaya’s popularity continues to draw a diverse influx of tourists, urgent action is imperative to address these escalating issues and overhaul pedestrian footpaths, reported Pattaya Mail.

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Authorities find themselves under scrutiny to implement immediate measures, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone navigating the vibrant streets of Pattaya on foot.

In related news, Bangkok‘s Metropolitan Administration (BMA) initiated a comprehensive project to refurbish the city’s antiquated pathways. The objective is to create robust and user-friendly pathways that cater to the needs of pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities and wheelchair users, as per the announcement made by Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt on November 30.

The renovation project has already taken off, with work underway on the sidewalks lining both sides of Udomsuk Road in the heavily populated district of Bang Na.

In other news, a white pickup truck which blocked an ambulance on its way to tend to a foreign patient experiencing chest pain sparked a social backlash. The incident took place on December 25, with the 48 year old owner of the clip, Taveeporn, urging people to make way for ambulances.

The incident took place near a condominium close to the scene of the accident. A Russian resident experienced chest pains, prompting contact with the lifesaving officials of Sawang Boriboon Pattaya City.

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