Mo Chit 2 drivers demand fare increase and illegal taxis crackdown

Photo courtesy of Pattanapong Hirunard

A demand for an increase in the starting taxi fare at Mo Chit 2 to 50 Thai baht (US$1.40) was presented to the Transport Ministry by the Professional Association of Public Taxi Motorists on Thursday. The association simultaneously appealed for the resolution of the persistent issue of illegal taxi operations in the area.

Khanesuan Gamkhuntod, the President of the association, highlighted the longstanding struggle against mafia’ taxis at Mo Chit 2. This situation has been causing inconvenience for both legal taxi services and passengers for many years. Despite several policy interventions, the issue remains unsolved, resulting in an influx of unregistered taxis and privately owned vehicles offering unlawful taxi services in the vicinity of Mo Chit 2.

These non-compliant services charge passengers a fixed fare, significantly higher than the legal limit, according to Khanesuan Gamkhuntod.

In an attempt to address the ongoing issue, the association conducted a survey between March 1 and March 13, involving 1,000 passengers. The survey sought approval for a proposed increase in the starting fare from 40 baht (US$1.12) to 50 baht at Mo Chit 2. The aim behind this move was to incentivise more taxi drivers to queue at the bus terminal, thereby reducing the passengers’ waiting time.

Khanesuan revealed that an overwhelming 99% of the respondents were willing to pay the higher fare for an improved service.

In a related incident, the Department of Land Transport (DLT) imposed a penalty on a taxi driver who had been verbally abusive to a passenger on March 7. The driver claimed that the passenger had provided an incorrect pick-up location, which caused him to wait excessively before the ride was ultimately cancelled.

The DLT’s action against the driver included a 1,000 baht (US$27.95) fine, a 30-day suspension of his licence, and mandatory participation in a three-hour training session, aimed at enhancing the quality of taxi service, reported the Bangkok Post.

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