Man kills family of 3 in revenge shooting in central Thailand

A Thai man has shot dead his childhood friend, his friend’s wife and the couple’s 5 year old son at the family’s home in the central province of Pathum Thani at around 1 pm yesterday. The shooting is suspected to be a revenge attack since the perpetrator’s mother was recently arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison for a drug crime which was allegedly committed by the perpetrator’s deceased friend.

The gunman, 29 year old Min Chuemchum, firstly shot his childhood friend 27 year old Sarawut “Bell” Thiamrak 10 times in the chest inside his own home. Next, Min shot 5 year old Paweenat “Gun” Thiamrak 7 times in the chest near the front door. Lastly, Min shot 37 year old Kornwika “Nam” Sareekram in the chest and torso 5 times on the front porch.

Kornwika’s mother – 58 year old Surilak Sareekram – witnessed what happened. Surilak said she was at her daughter’s house in Lam Luk Ka district alone when Min, a longtime family friend, arrived at the house in a taxi. Min asked where Surilak’s son-in-law was, and Surilak explained that the three had gone out to the shops. Min waited at the house for them to return, and apparently helped the family unload their shopping from the car.

Sarawut and his son walked into the house and Min followed them inside. Min shot dead Sarawut in the kitchen and proceeded to shoot 5 year old Paweenawat near the front door. Min came out of the house and shot dead Kornwika on the porch before running back inside the house to hide.

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When police from Khu Khot police station arrived at the scene, villagers were crowded around the crime scene. Police sent them away because the assailant, Min, was still hiding in the house. Police eventually persuaded Min to come out and surrender. Police pinned down Min, arrested him and took him to the police station for questioning.

Min told police that his mother had recently been arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison on a drug charge. Min said that his mother wasn’t guilty, and that it was his childhood friend Surawut who had hidden methamphetamine in his mother’s house, which is the reason he killed Surawut and his family.

Min shot a total of 22 shots with one gun which belonged to him and another gun which belonged to his deceased friend Surawut.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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