Man arrested for attempted sexual assault on elderly relative

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A 42 year old man was arrested after a failed attempt to sexually assault a 74 year old woman in her home. The incident, which occurred yesterday, January 23, was interrupted by villagers who came to the woman’s aid after hearing her screams.

The suspect, Uthen (surname withheld), admitted to the crime, stating that he had been drinking since 3pm yesterday and had watched pornographic material, which he claimed led to an uncontrollable sexual urge. He confessed to breaking into the home of Mong (surname withheld), a distant relative who lived alone and had never been married, to commit the assault.

According to the police, Uthen entered Mong’s house when she was away at the temple, drank a carton of milk from her fridge, and waited for her to return. Upon her arrival, he tried to overpower her but was stopped by villagers alerted by her cries for help, reported KhaoSod.

Mong, who has several chronic health conditions, expressed her shock and fear over the incident, grateful for the timely intervention of her neighbours. She found the situation particularly distressing as she recognised the shoes left at the front of her house as belonging to the assailant, who was her relative.

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The police have levelled multiple charges against Uthen, including breaking, theft, indecency, and physical assault.

Uthen expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging the wrongness of his behaviour towards a relative. The legal process is now underway, with the charges filed reflecting the gravity of the offences committed.

In related news, a Thai woman sought help from Thai celebrity Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, after a neighbour allegedly tried to rape her and a bedridden family member.

Gun accompanied the victim, from the Isaan province of Nong Khai, to the Office of the Prime Minister’s Permanent Secretary in Bangkok, on October 25, to file a complaint against her neighbour.

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