Lithuanian man fined 12,000 baht for drifting BMW in Chon Buri

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Chon Buri Provincial Court fined a Lithuanian man 12,000 baht for dangerous driving and getting behind the wheel without a licence after a video of him drifting his luxury BMW Z4 went viral on Thai social media earlier this month.

The footage captures a black BMW Z4 drifting through the centre of an intersection, surrounded by stationary vehicles waiting at a red light. Identified as the Tarn Lom Temple intersection along Sukhumvit Road in the Saensuk sub-district of Chon Buri province.

Following the incident, Thai netizens called upon the authorities to pursue legal action against the driver, citing the dangerous and unlawful nature of the act, which put other motorists at risk.

In response to the illegal action, officers from the Saensuk Police Station conducted further investigations into the car and discovered that the owner was a 45 year old Thai woman named Sukanya, but the driver drifting the car was a 31 year old Lithuanian man named Devidas.

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Officers summoned the two for questioning on January 17 and charged the Lithuanian man with reckless and dangerous driving without regard for the safety of other motorists and driving without a licence.

Following the court‘s decision yesterday, January 25, Devidas faces a fine of 12,000 baht. The owner of the car, Sukanya, will also have to pay the fine but the amount and the charge she faces were not revealed.

The Assistant to the Commander of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Samran Nuanma, warned other motorists not to drive dangerously or cause inconvenience to other motorists on public roads as the acts would result in heavy fines and punishment.

A similar report of dangerous driving was made on the same road in Chon Buri in September last year. A grey sedan was seen in a viral TikTok video drifting at the Kiri Nakhon Intersection on Sukhumvit Road. The car drove in circles for four to five laps, even as other vehicles passed by.


ORIGINAL STORY: Sports car driver caught drifting at Sukhumvit Road intersection

In a daring public display of automotive bravado, a sports car driver was caught on CCTV performing multiple drifts at a busy traffic light intersection on Sukhumvit Road, in the Bang Saen district of Chon Buri. The reckless act occurred around 12.30am on January 8, inciting disapproval from locals.

According to surveillance footage, the driver performed several laps of drifting in the middle of a major road near Wat Tanon’s entrance. Despite the road being less occupied during the night, locals deem the action inappropriate for a public road, let alone a red light intersection.

A 44 year old resident, Aekchai, expressed his disapproval after viewing the clip. He explained that the behaviour was inconsiderate, especially as the area is a public road and a red light intersection. It’s not a place for car drifting or racing. He also warned potential copycats about the potential downside of these stunts. While it may seem fun at the moment, the consequences of an accident would be devastating and not worth the risk, reported KhaoSod.

Aekchai further advised those considering such actions to think ahead for their fellow road users. He suggested that those interested in racing should do so in a designated racetrack instead.

Punnanont Wijittho, Station Head of San Suk Police Station, has acknowledged the incident and ordered investigative officers to examine CCTV footage from various points. The officer aims to trace the car’s route before and after the incident.

Punnanont disclosed that they have initial information on the car in question, but chose not to reveal further details due to ongoing investigations. He is confident that they will soon apprehend the driver to face charges.

Lithuanian man fined 12,000 baht for drifting BMW in Chon Buri | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod
Lithuanian man fined 12,000 baht for drifting BMW in Chon Buri | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

In a similar incident in September last year, a reckless car drifting through a busy Chon Buri intersection drew widespread criticism. Residents expressed concern over the dangerous stunt, emphasising potential risks and injuries.

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